Financial Treasure

Nevertheless, also world-wide signals of nervousness and impatience were seen during the meeting of economic leaders, like the expressed one by the Secretary of the Treasure of the USA, Timothy Geithner, that noticed the European leaders of which they must stop ” the threat of a cascade bankruptcy of bancos” with energetic and forceful resolutions. In this way, the view is now putting in the approval on the part of the parliaments of the European countries in the next weeks of the European Facility of Estabilidad Financiera (FEEF), decided in July and with which it is tried to reinforce and to make flexible the capacity of answer of the zone Euro. Carstens indicated in a press conference before returning to Mexico that the FEEF is one ” answer til” and it assured that it hopes that ” that is reflected in a smaller volatileness of the financial markets internacionales”. Also, the new managing director of the multilateral organism, Christine Lagarde, expressed her confidence in which Europe will resolutely face the financial challenges that faces. She offered, in addition, one of the few luminous phrases in the shady panorama when indicating that we are ” in the middle of camino” of the exit of the crisis, during its appearance last night after the last meeting of the IMF. However, Lagarde said to the emergent economies that also they must put of his part with the putting in practice of policies destined to stimulate inner demand and to thus help to re-balance the world-wide economy. Aid of the emergent ones Finally, one of the points announced like hot before the meeting, the speculations on a possible financial aid of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) to the zone Euro, remained in a disposition to collaborate through international the financial institutions.

The minister of Finances of Brazil, Guido Mantega, emphasized that the solution of the crisis is ” responsibility of the leaders europeos” and ” was urgent to them to take measures; without demora”. Simultaneously, Mantega sent to its darts to the countries advanced when warning to them that ” no longer they can handle in case single to the risks of the stability global”. It appealed, for this reason, to the necessity that the re-balancing of forces in the world-wide economy is also reflected in the quota of being able in the international institutions. Source of the news: The IMF concludes its meeting with the eyes put in Europe and the search of the re-balancing.

Network Marketing

You’ve heard many times that a of the margins of time that exist to evaluate the (economic) result in your business multilevel is 6 months since you started. This is so because at that time you can perfectly have succeeded in creating a network which you this generating residual income. But as you already know 95 should be applied per cent of persons entering in the Network Marketing industry leaves without having generated any income or non-constant. This is because in guilt to one of the advantages posed by having your own business on the internet. Most people who enter in Network Marketing always have jobs in which dependian of his boss and had an agenda with tasks that had to perform and estimated time to be carried out. This makes those who have not before been heads and have been accustomed to make their decisions this new task tends them to be expensive.

Don’t forget when speaking of 6 months to have concrete results is not only let the months and wait for the results to come alone. That’s a big problem that many committed and few put solution. Having an agenda where knowing that perform tasks, objectives to meet short, medium and long term is unfinished business for the majority of new entrepreneurs. If you are those who carry about 6 months doing Network Marketing and still has not had the expected results obtained ask yourself the following 2 questions and attempts to make the answer it more sincere as possible. Do you have done during your first 6 months? and how long you would have led working in 3/4-hour days? If the result to your first question is have a few posts on your personal blog, some made of course, much time spent on social networks, etc etc you will say that it is not enough. If the answer to your second question is approximately 1 month it is there where skip the cause your problems. Be Networker is a profession and a hobby and therefore spend a while on the day is not enough.

You acquire the knowledge you need to develop a marketing strategy that will allow you to start getting results can be time-consuming, and if simply a while you spend a day at your business you have two problems : First that you don’t consider your activity as a job where you have to be consistent, disciplined and with ideas very clear to where you want to go. You have the same example in a traditional business. If you only open 1 hour a day is not that you will not earn money but it costs you will eat. With your online business expenses can not assume a sacrifice but the result will be very similar: not generaras benefits. Finally say that 6 months in time more than enough to earn income constant and continuous growth but that if you’ve not done daily duties reaching that time surely can take years. Time is the most valuable you own. Aprovechalo as it deserves and you will see take off your business before than you think. As you already know, your comments are important to me, do not hesitate to leave them and share the post.