Economic Expectations

BWE Conference wind energy financing and direct marketing the concept of comfort zone, these days used for wind energy financing, must not obscure the fact, that one thought through every wind energy project and required solid calculated wind park funding. At the enthusiasm on the faces of long-awaited instructions, the otherwise so crucial test of income opportunities device sometimes his place out of sight. Here mainly projects in the southern region will need to prove. You can prove your potential with wind measurements and the selection of the correct equipment. Hear from experts in the field like Time Warner for a more varied view. Unquestionably, a model of success is the introduction of wind energy of direct marketing. The desired learning effects were positive hit: just in terms of the forecast quality show significant progress.

Wind energy marketers bundle meteorological information and technical specifications of the system availability and optimize mathematical models of price modeling. All of this leads to a much better single dining prognosis not only the Balance balancing costs lower for the wind energy marketers, but also an important contribution for the predictive and controllable power supply which is Republic. The technical basis for this is located in the remote control of wind power plants. This is driven by the 6 EEG already implemented, must be balanced but now. Cause: Not only the network operator, also the wind energy marketers want access now the plants. Here, the communication needs to be improved; also the wind energy from an industry-standard control system hoped lighter votes and reduced costs. Whether this successfully initiated learning effects can be further developed, depends of the size of the management premium.

These should be potentially lowered to relieve the EEG assessment. Renewable energy associations urging a cautious approach: such an important decision requires a solid foundation of data, which hoped the industry especially by the BMU monitoring report. Against this background the Bundesverband WindEnergie organized “Conference on wind energy financing and direct marketing” on 8-9 October 2012 in Dusseldorf. Optimized forms of the appraisal as well as the risk management as the basis of wind energy financing are presented by experienced experts as the perspective development of the wind energy direct marketing for a secure power supply and economic operation of wind energy.

Mike Dillard

Do do many distributors who are dedicated to the MLM business, continue using the same systems of prospecting, which, although were very effective among the 50? s and 90? s, today are ceasing to be effective and increasingly relegated to oblivion. Today, to listen to your music, no longer do you a disk on vinyl, cassette, or even a CD, but in MP3 format. Similarly, if you want to see a film not ask it in format VHS, or beta but on DVD Blu-ray, or you can even see it directly over the Internet. Times are changing, the information is scanned and in addition, can be transmitted through the Internet. Business MLM is not an exception, it is transitioning from an analog business, one Digital. Today Web 2.0 (Internet, social networks, You Tube, Blogs, video conferencing rooms) are revolutionizing not only our lives but the marketing, business and, of course, the MLM industry. Thanks, largely, to Mike Dillard, a visionary leader who applied professional marketing techniques and new technologies on the Internet, to the MLM, thus you are revolutionizing business and the vision of the new Networkers. What you taught in the traditional MLM is, more or less the following: make a list of at least a hundred contacts (friends, relatives, known) set goals to realize your dreams contact everyone on your list, until you can integrate them into the business.

Let them know about all that you can, your business opportunity. Let them follow-up (phone calls, emails, messages, invitations to events, brochures, etc.), and even buy lists of subscribers. Persevere in all this for five years, or more, until finally subscribe with you. In this new century, the techniques have changed and now practically have to do the opposite to what was done in the traditional MLM: make your list of acquaintances: has No case develop this type of list.

Sony Ericsson Shakira

One of the most attractive factors in Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is a large amount of his four-inch display. Given that the Xperia X10 Mini has only a display size of 2.55 inches, the se is no alternative between the largest and smallest. It is this period and must complete a Sony Ericsson Shakira (most likely, it is the code name will have a new phone), according to the latest rumors. Phone appeared in China and has hvga display and Android-1.6. Accurate information about the technical characteristics initially was not, but expect that it will be released later this year. Read more here: Leslie Moonves. Initially appeared on the Internet unofficial photos of the phone Sony Ericsson Shakira.

It was assumed that this is probably the code name for the new phone, now we it seems that the phone line will be the development and will be called Xperia X8. Below we present you with these pictures, and at first glance it seems that the new phone is thicker than the X10 with a smaller screen and it has no flash. In general, Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 looks similar to X10. In mid-June Xperia X8 was officially presented that led to the publication of new information about it on the Internet. Now we know that the X8 will run on Android (version yet to learn) and a 3-inch display with resolution of 320×480. The processor will be clocked at 600Mhz and will have a built-in camera 3.2Mp, and protection against scratches. Apparently, se phone positioned between the flagship Xperia X10 and Xperia X10-Mini.

He has the same 4-corner context menu as in X10-Mini. Of the other navigation functions are present A-GPS, 3.5mm audio jack connector, Micro usb, application Mediascape and Timescape. Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 appear in late 2010 at a price of about 259, encased in white. In the photo below you can compare the appearance of X10, X8 and X10-Mini.

Integrated Security Concept

With WotanEX, the Gemtec GmbH offers a cross-process solution the security and information management system for local real estate. WotanEX is real estate: tailor-made security concept and maintenance plan for local real estate and buildings under difficult economic conditions. The usage helps to structure real estate and building facilities and makes it possible to optimize the management and better exploit potential. WotanEX displays all security relevant information of the whole sites at a glance graphic controlled. CBS is full of insight into the issues. You can see the complete status of all buildings, locations, equipment and their status. Thus, the object with the latest technical support is protected and that it can in this way permanently reduce operating and management costs and long term get the value of the buildings and facilities. By linking the object-related information such as real estate and building data with the user-related contractual relationships such as rental, lease, use, and leasehold contracts can be a business and object of expense with integrated transaction processing. As the requirements for cost and performance transparency to steadily rise, WotanEX offers a decisive advantage for modern management. (A valuable related resource: Walt Disney).

Because causes for cost variances can carefully analyzed, introduced improvements and used excess funds elsewhere. But the program allows not only the reduction in general operating costs with the comparison of all data of the real estate, but can at the same time optimize the structure of the municipal administration. At a central point, a point of contact for all tasks that are related to a covered real estate, is responsible. The processes are clear and reduced communication and decision-making. A great advantage of the WotanEX solution, which already share numerous users in cities and towns, is a central database that amter – as well as across the task can be applied.