The Jury

Those who heard me, although they applaud with enthusiasm, didn’t know who I was as an artist. Tired of not succeed participated in a contest, to dismiss this dream of singer excited. I decided to introduce myself to a TV programme with a song without lyrics, or through disjointed words to everyone more silly, with a catchy and ridiculous rhythm and making a mise en scene of most posh and bizarre. It had decided to take the hair to the viewer and to the members of the jury. I wanted to laugh at all of them won! Yes, I won. In the first second of news of my victory, I thought it was a joke, a revenge for the victims of my irony.

It lasted one second, because then I didn’t have time to think about anything. I smiled, wanting to laugh at myself and this face was perpetuated during the rest of the time. I jumped to Fame and flew by a world of springs and clouds that I pushed a spectacle to another. Interviews on television, radio and press of the heart. It was all very in a hurry and I ran automatically. I became my own image.

I said what I had to say to follow floating on that superhuman dimension. I sang as I had to sing, and I forgot my previous repertoire and everything was rolling nonstop and without knowing where it was going. I was the dream of a dream dreamed at dream and dreamed of was. To shave my face continued smiling, not could remove me that stretched lips WinCE. I talked to all the world as if do me an interview permanently. I didn’t have time but for my show, because someone always dressed me, I placed and pointed to where he had to look at each time. One day I woke up and there was no one who tell me where had to go, or where I had to act.