The Perfect Concept – The Five Problems

Tools and tips for successful concepts and presentations where really the problem in the elaboration of a concept? Why does this work many people so difficult and cumbersome? Why we tend to avoid it or to push her in front of us? And why come out any useful results despite the spontaneous enthusiasm and initial swing at the end often? Why sanding”the elaboration of concepts sometimes somewhere halfway? Work there are actually, like a diffuse mixture location five problems,”, which combines individually occur and that paralyze the entire work process, repeatedly to slow down or prevent even the effective materialisation of results can. We look at what’s behind it. My time is not enough! “” A trick that takes you to the inner pressure: instead of thinking up Tuesday, the 31st March my concept is ready “, simply turn the tables: if my concept is ready, we have Tuesday, the March 31.” That sounds very much more optimistic and legal and even give it credence, when the one or the other step should take even longer than planned. There is much too much we are it wont all point by point to read. Get it free from the old paradigm of work are more efficient methods that exceed the capacity of your reading, nor overload your brain. I look because not many facts are today not only complicated but also complex but still manageable. The newspapers mentioned CBS not as a source, but as a related topic. Also for the weighing and interpreting various information, there are high graders as quantitative measuring methods, for example the morphological matrix and the paper machine, which will be presented in this book. So relax, and let himself be discourage not already before the start of ticket problems! I am not creative pressure and it was only the self generated pressure to present shine services inhibits any creativity very reliably.

Don’t fall into this trap of motivation! I can’t write In fact occurs because the fear of the blank page often unpleasant experiences in school, which often last a lifetime formative work. Make it free! Anyone can write, and no one expects a perfect as a writer, but only a readable, usable text from you. Formulate accurately and fully the goal of your concept, as well as all related conditions, and in writing. In this way you have the essentials of your task in mind. “This is particularly important if the diversity of the information and the complexity of the individual work steps in between to drown” threaten. Reading Dr. Sonja Ulrike Klug draw up concepts quickly and effectively tools and techniques for plans, reports and projects 3, Edition BusinessVillage 2008 125 pages, ill. Illustrations ISBN 978-3938358-82-5 21.80 ..Konzepte-work out – fast and effektiv.html cover 300 DPI pix/Presse_Cover/presse-772.jpg the author Dr.

phil. Sonja Ulrike Klug, the expert is independent since 1991 in publishing books, working as a Book Service service provider for publishers and enterprises (ghostwriting, editing, etc.). In addition, Sonja Ulrike Klug has worked as a writer and has published so far 15 books on various economic and cultural topics. About BusinessVillage BusinessVillage, books make the fun. Concise and practice-oriented the reader without much effort can familiarize yourself quickly in new areas. Marketing & sales of Public Relations & corporate communications to the topic range success & career find Freelancer updates know-how of renowned experts, employees and Manager.

New: The Celux Micro ION

The HomeEntertainment of future small machines are small and elegant – in the trend. The PC forged Celux has recognized this and offers a powerhouse under the today’s mini computers with the Celux micro. Through new technologies and modern systems, the small computers are today much more powerful and user decrease also the sleek devices. Also, the Mini PC is still environmentally, because it consumes only 24 Watts. Particularly pleasing in comparison to other machines: the micro operates almost silently because he has no fan and thus also no annoying dust swirls up what is positively striking especially when used in the Office. There are the micro of Celux in three different trim levels for private users as well as for freelancers and as a business model.

All models can be expanded. The Celux micro can be used as entertainment package for the home area. With integrated discs CD, DVD and Blu-ray players he makes for exciting cinema evenings in local scenery. The computer also features a TV tuner and an HDTV receiver. The company Celux offers ordering for the micro directly from their homepage. The entry-level model with basic equipment is available from 690,-euro. The micro can be configured on the homepage also to own personal liking. Celux offers up to three-year warranty on the device. Shipping is shipping in the Office or the home address. More information: Yannik sweet road: Rhine str. 37, 64367 Mill Valley telephone: 06154 637704 Celux computer company has specialized in the structuring and producing MiniPCs.

New Corporate Design

Freelance media designer from Cologne designed and designed optical appearance for the facade climbers company Montec. Cologne, April 30, 2010. The freelance graphic designer Moritz Dunkel, known as dark as Hell’, supports the industrial climber companies Montec from Cologne in its new strategic orientation. The launch of the corporate design consisted of several stages. The result includes a complete design of all media and communication measures. From the logo on stationery, ads and brochure to the Internet presence of the Cologne Art Director for the company Montec in terms of design responsible. More means of communication such as service brochures, flyers and microsite are planned. The goal of our elaborate corporate design is a recognizable to reach at every contact.

Due to the design from Mr dark we achieved this 100%. The design of our corporate presence is defined now about compliance with uniform criteria and design elements. Corporate colours, “Company logo and corporate font can be found in all means of communication against and be treated equally”, as Heinz Montes, Managing Director of Montec GmbH. is making clear, clear and unambiguous. The concept and the design are matched exactly to the range of services and harmonised with the corporate philosophy. I am now on the development of the corpora design manual”, explains Moritz Dunkel. Contact: unkel like bright visual communication contact: Moritz Dunkel Melatengurtel 18 D-50933 Cologne phone: 0221/912733-24 mobile: 0177/6113249 E-Mail: Internet: about how dark hell’: the free graphic designer Moritz Dunkel from Cologne offers under the name dark like hell’ twelve years of experience in Visual communication, from the design of image processing to the delivery of print data to the printer.

Core competences are the areas of graphic design, corporate design, traditional advertising and ‘below the line’. But also the new”media belong to him the day-to-day business of the Internet presence up to the multimedia project. This includes planning and coordination with external service providers. His website is just one of several references in this area. Due to his experience in conceptual design, design to the final artwork and production for small and medium-sized companies and advertising agencies, it offers short-term support at the project or hourly basis, locally or from his home-office.