New KVM Switch VGA/DVI And USB With IT Security EAL4 + Certification

Black Box provides secure 2 – and 4-port switches with protection against data leakage and Black Box the rigorous EAL4 + as Tempest-tests of NATO have passed signal snooping before the new ServSwitch secure KVM-switches of the IT and telecommunications specialists. The highest military standards of quality and safety according to it are now available (+ TEMPEST/V3.)S1.O3/EAL4). The new KVM switch series ensures data isolation and emission control and prevents internal ports as well as the connection to the outside world as data leakage and electronic snooping. In this way, sensitive data be protected effectively and prevent electronic spying. The ServSwitch secure EAL4 + with USB support for the control of PCs and servers is in a 2- and 4-port versions both DVI and VGA available. It allows using only a keyboard, mouse, and monitor (KVM) configuration control and separation of two to four computers that both secure and non-secure networks are connected. In addition, they support VGA models optionally keyboards with integrated CAC (common access card)-readers.

This unique feature in KVM switches of such fully corresponds to the strict requirements of the U.S. Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12). Each device with a microchip generates an electromagnetic field, which signals can be intercepted, reconstructed and analyzed with insuffi cient protection with appropriate monitoring devices such as corporate espionage. A bar is inserted but by special, developed by Black Box techniques for data isolation, emission control and shielding. The 80 between the channels prevents dB minor speaking isolation (crosstalk isolation / crosstalk attenuation and isolation) that signals of a computer from another computer can be intercepted. Also the housing of switch shields electromagnetic emissions. “Other devices on the market use software-based technologies for data isolation, which, however, carries the risk of hackers or malware attack”, explains Axel Burger, Managing Director of Black Box Germany GmbH. “our hardware-based approach eliminates the risks of both deliberate and accidental software changes that can lead to the loss or theft of sensitive data.” The two DVI models meet the requirements in the high security area of relevant evaluation assurance level criteria “EAL4 +”, also the four VGA devices are additionally “Tempest approved”.

The new KVM switch “ServSwitch Secure” by Black Box comply with the high requirements of military safety standards with these certifications. Thus the protection of sensitive data and data leak suited them for all areas where / is leakage prevention (DLP) of particular importance, as in the pharmaceutical and health sector as a security solution for enterprises or in the financial industry to the IT and data security for banks and insurance companies. In addition to the operational safety features the devices have security seal, indicating an opening of the housing, as well as an automatic Decommissioning in case of an attempt to move. Each port is equipped with an own power supply. This prevents that unauthorized persons gain access to the other due to short-circuit or overload a port.

ABAS Software AG

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