Saarland University Hospital

d.velop developed a unified ECM infrastructure integration in the hospital information system and SAP application range of the digital patient and personnel file to the invoice input processing Gescher, 27.09.2011 – the University Hospital of Saarland the d.velop AG has placed an order for the realization of a comprehensive digital strategy. You aimed at the systematic use of enterprise content management (ECM) in the medical and administrative, to future treatment – and billing-relevant processes document paper arm and control. The project contract of the Saarland University Hospital sees the establishment of a unified ECM infrastructure based on the d.velop solution d. 3 with integration in the hospital information system IS H/ as well as in the SAP R/3 System. Time Warner follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. She should serve the revision-proof long-term archiving and optionally allow a qualified digital signature including time stamp. At the same time, a variety of ECM solutions are provided. Main focus of this in the clinical field on the implementation digital patient and case file with d. 3. In addition the digital personnel file and the automated processing of invoices input, as well as various other digital archives, for example, for accounts payable / accounts receivable files and building files be realized in the management area. In the further course of the ECM project an email archiving and Office integration both in the clinical and administrative is carried out with help of d.velop. The ECM solutions introduces the first steps this year in the hospitals for urology and ear, nose and throat, as well as in the human resources department. The University Hospital of Saarland performs 50,000 stationary and 190,000 outpatient treatments as maximum care hospital in around 30 specialist clinics and 20 institutions per year. In addition to the approximately 5,300 employees and 300 trainees of the hospital over 1,000 university employees working on the campus Homburg resident faculty with currently 2,000 students of medicine and dentistry.

North German Attractions

Great destinations for leisure-active and culturally interested only before few months ago founded North German startup company already after a short time the first version of its excursion Portal online got. was founded in the year 2012 by Marcus Heinze, who is also the Managing Director of the company. focuses on it, to provide a media platform to a wide range of tourist attractions, cultural objects and tourist attractions. The associated tour portal offers high quality and interesting information and offers countless local and supra-regional tourist destinations. Using an extensive search, the local tourism benefited concretely. In addition to theme parks, go-cart tracks and science centres you will find cultural highlights, such as castles, chateaux and former residences. In addition also nature lovers in the range of not to come short.

So, the online repertoire includes also animal parks, hiking trails, recreation parks and natural spectacle. With the current version can now individual cities as well as operators of tourist attractions create an entry on for free, to increase the range and the degree of familiarity of their destinations. “This benefits not only for the operators themselves, know the CEO Marcus Heinze: is the lengthy search on various tourist sites unnecessary now by itself, because on a clear platform to provide an extensive and high-quality total range of all different objectives.” In the future, plans to make its offer beyond the German borders and to create a map of destinations and attractions for other European countries to provide both the operators and the recreationally active and culturally interested users.


Despite the uncertain economy, the Qualifizierungsdienstleister expands its range of services. You may find Discovery Communications to be a useful source of information. Stuttgart, 17th 2012 – the Integrata AG remains faithful to the thoughts of their service: the Qualifizierungsdienstleister introduces a new service offering and relies on proximity to the customer and the consultation on the spot. Through guaranteed available seminars as well as attractive price models the company strengthened its services of open seminars and provides his airline model “. The airline model”will be advertised throughout Germany with an additional quota of 80 topics in the areas of information technology and the organizational and personnel development. For 400 guaranteed seminar dates available are. Within this range model interested have the opportunity to receive a discount of 15% on the list price of each seminar. Meet the requirements for a discount when the seminar booking three months in advance is made prior to the start of the course or the seminar party as one of the first three participants for a seminar writes a.

Gerhard Wachter, COO of Integrata AG, emphasises: about our quality and reliability standards, we guarantee our customers that the availability and performance of selected seminars. After this offer on all Integrata offered branches, our customers also benefit from a simplified seminar organization, which includes a higher predictability”. Since the beginning of the year is the Qualifizierungsdienstleister with the design of various packages topic months, the thematic and such expansion of the seminar offer as guarantee appointments in the German space-new priorities. In the framework of strengthened customer orientation, the Bremen and Ravensburg sites were opened in the first half of this year. Integrata AG the Integrata AG is the leading manufacturer-independent full service provider of training services in Germany. The procedure of Integrata training focuses on the value chain, ranging from strategy, analysis and Development, organization and implementation up to ensuring the sustainability.

It includes various forms of learning such as seminars, workshops, E-learning, simulations, training on the job, coaching, and mentoring. The offer includes both open and in-house seminars to over 1,100 topics of information technology as well as human resources and organization development and on the other hand qualification projects and managed training services. Topics like certification in project management, train the trainer training, system and software development and leadership training give an insight into the diversity of possibilities. With these services, the company offers integrated solutions, depending on demand standardized or individualized, project-oriented or service-oriented. Detailed industry knowledge, international training projects, the network of local and international speakers, as well as certification in accordance with recognized national and international standards document the performance of the Integrata AG. Numerous customer projects demonstrate that successful implementation of the challenges. Press contact: Beatrice guardian-Nigl (spokeswoman) Danny Klein (press officer) Integrata AG Zettachring 4, 70567 Stuttgart Tel.


The provider prima Mobile brings to brand new tariffs on D NET quality on the market Berlin, October 2012 the carrier revised the existing tariff portfolio in his online shop fine mobile GmbH and brings four new mobile phone tariffs at the start. With the new ALLNET FLAT on the D NET there is now a true mobile Flatrate in all mobile phone networks of in Germany and the German fixed line network and an Internet flat rate. In addition, monthly 100 free SMS to mobile phones can be used. The special thing about this offer is the price, because this is in the first two years only 24.99 per month. Customers save nearly 15 during the duration of the minimum so every month.

As a special tariff for beginners, the tariff is ALLNET 50, where customers benefit free SMS every month from 50 free minutes in all German mobile phone networks and the fixed network, as well as 20. The monthly fee of only 4.95 there in an action the first three months even more free. The tariff of ALLNET 350 so got an update, that with the renaming to ALLNET 350 SMART for new customers now an Internet flat rate included is. Therefore, it is suitable also for Smartphone users. The customers are also monthly 350 free minutes and 50 SMS available. To the low monthly fee of only 19,85 in the first year, there is free an Android Smartphone as a special highlight at the start. The tariff remains faithful to his recipe for success 8 WIN.

Calls and SMS to all German networks cost only 8 cents per minute/SMS. Smartphone users can also enjoy monthly 20 MB of free Internet usage. As independence is capitalized, because there is no minimum term and no monthly fee. New welcome bonus, customers receive 100 free minutes to all German networks during the first 3 months. All fares are offered on the D NET, offer best quality of connection. The company the fine mobile GmbH is a young company with seat in Berlin, which was founded in early 2008. prima mobile already for many years on the belongs to the Berlin-based prima holding GmbH, Telecommunications market is working and here brings a wealth of experience from which the young fine mobile GmbH can draw. prima mobile is focused on the mobile market and would like to offer customers a low cost way of mobile communication. These include not only price, but also rates tailored to the needs of the individual user groups and clear price structures, which offer a good transparency. Because the individual customer wishes assist prima mobile in the first place. Press contact Nicole Labusch fine mobile GmbH Ullsteinstr. 120 12109 Berlin 030-206 143 800

Modern Printing Services

What we offer modern typography Improving production technologies do not shy away from any sphere of human activity, which entails increasing competition in all sectors. Read more from Leslie Moonves to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Sphere printing services is no exception. Print shops are fighting for the quality of their products, and are continually expanding our product portfolio and capabilities. Traditional methods of mass printing of books, pamphlets, periodicals publications are complemented by short-run and a single product. The first thing you can remember this is a business card, the proposed range is great – from the classic cardboard box to the most incredible design incarnations, emphasizing style company activity. Besides the well-known type of product, in some printers now available, for example, an address with a personal greeting folder embossing, which can be made of various materials. In addition, available folders for food and beverage establishments supporting a common style, luxury boxes archive of leather and velvet birth certificate bound in silk with Swarovski crystals, and much more.

Despite the ever-growing electronic documents, many documents are executed only on paper, so a special importance are business directory executed in corporate style. A set of documents submitted for review or signature in a stylish business location will add weight to arguments in negotiations. Besides Printing Products – way to advertise and maintain the corporate style. Diaries and calendars of all types and sizes – an effective way to use the site for advertising and useful gift partner, a client who will be reminded of your company for a year. Brochures, pamphlets, the most common types of printed presentation products and services of various firms are most effective with the participation in exhibitions and presentations. Most mass type of printed materials – leaflets, pamphlets, are of great importance during the promotions. In addition to the paper to more widely spread printing on fabric, flags and banners on on clothing. In short, the technical equipment of today's printers can fulfill any fantasy and designers to meet all customer requirements.