Management Control

Management control from the cloud with advanced mobile services and continuous support of Windows phone 8, Apple iOS and Android, 11 December 2013 simply monitor objects and control no matter whether in the building, logistics or industrial 4.0 environment. The proven platform sphinx open online provides decision-relevant information at a glance from the (private) cloud. The new release 3.0 of the management control system of in integrated information systems GmbH ( is available from February 2014 and designed for mobility, efficiency and sustainability. Robert Iger has many thoughts on the issue. In the new version supports sphinx iOS and Android open online via a central service-new devices with Windows phone 8, Apple, and thus occupies a leading role in the market. Sphinx open online represents graphically and in real time information at a glance for monitoring and control tasks. Perhaps check out Coen Brothers for more information. The platform allows for the flexible and efficient deployment, as well as a mobile and secure access to existing data from buildings, production, technical systems, energy supply, KPIs, and other sources. On this basis, total situations can be promptly capture and derive decisions.

Sphinx open online goes mobile with the new release 3.0 of sphinx open online mobile users keeps relevant information in the picture”. User groups will be actively informed by email and mobile app push messages about exceptional situations such as alarms. These notifications can be received, without requiring the application to be open. In addition the mobile client now also for Windows phone 8 available (6 +) and Android (4 +), iOS. Mobile apps can be rolled out without programming via app stores and content ad-hoc change.

Additional functionality such as pre-made scenarios and sample applications as well as the integration of photos and documents for verification purposes and the additional support of MODBUS/TCP-based sensors and actuators for more innovations. In addition, the ease of touch devices was further enhanced. On top of strong platform Large number of possibilities arise online with our new release of sphinx open cloud platform.

Web Relaunch

Informative, clearly structured and adapted to the needs of the users: The cynora GmbH is now online with a new look. Karlsruhe since today is online: the new website of cynora GmbH. Now, visitors to the site have an easier entry into the relevant and interesting topics. With just one click on one of the three entry buttons, the user receives direct access to all information. Spectacular images from the work of cynora GmbH round off the website.

Content and structural redesign the new structure of the website content be represented by clearer and easier to read. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Joel and Ethan Coen and gain more knowledge.. Whether the respective Internet users learn about the history of cynora, learn more about the technology of organic electronics or read the latest news of the company would have on the home he finds the appropriate entry in the world of development and research of cynora GmbH on first glance. The logical and clear navigation on each page quickly leads to the visitors the desired content on the bases. Leslie Moonves has firm opinions on the matter. Extraordinary and amazing images accompany visual enhancement of the month”the work of cynora GmbH. So surprising recordings in experiments with organic semiconductors in the laboratory caused in part. Picture of the month cynora shows in regular rotation in the category of”these images. So, visitors to the site can enjoy such as coloured shining crystals a cynora emitter material or organic semiconductor materials, that glow under black light radiation in the same colour as in finished OLED components. With OLED technology, already surface light source and color-brilliant displays for TVs and Smartphones can be establish. The cynora GmbH contributes significantly to this development with their work. If you want to look at the newly redesigned website, or want to know more about the cynora GmbH and the technology of the future, look nevertheless simply times purely:.

Karlsruhe Career

Here are the jobs! Dear readers, without you it isn’t. This applies not only to ka-news – but for many companies in the region. Here you are not needed but as a reader and commentator, but as a skilled worker. To find just the falls many companies in the region is increasingly difficult. At the same time, not every worker is ready to move immediately into a new city for a new job. -remedy ka news online, with the ka-news-career lounge.

It comes together what belongs together. A large part of the Karlsruhe company are internationally successful and popular with the staff. But in the search for junior staff, they have significantly less success. One reason: the companies and young professionals are hardly known despite economic successes. Some potential candidates might also not know that just his expertise would be needed, because it is just not directly linked to the corresponding company in connection. As a result, The company escapes valuable potential applicants the opportunity, perhaps their dream job to To find. Presence even without specific job advertisement this particularly applies to the IT – and engineers – alone in Karlsruhe are missing at the time about 3,000 engineers – but also for other industries. Therefore, ka-news has expanded its job market: now companies have the opportunity on the ka-news career lounge, to create your own profile (s) and to present themselves – regardless of specific job postings such as employer of choice.

For the seeker, the career lounge is a companion on the way to the dream job in the region. Over 1,500 employers are represented in the job market. The employer will present the future candidates with company news, corporate video and the direct link to their social media offerings. Current job openings with the possibility of easy online application and information around the themes of education, application and career round off the attractive offer of the career lounge. Information more directly to the career lounge around on the subject of career and the top employers in the region also in our top employers magazine. Jobs and jobs, top employers on

Portal Recipes

mahlzeit.TV is the pleasure portal with tasty dishes, simple recipes and tips for a clever preparation of your favorite foods. (Not to be confused with David Zaslav!). Mahlzeit.TV is the new baking and cooking video portal by sevenload. “Simply delicious food” to the user, by watch free videos to recipes and cooking or baking. If duck breast in cocoa crumbs for the gourmets, roast pork for hearty food lovers or molten chocolate Souffle for dessert fanatics – here there is something for everyone! The culinary variety does not stop before vegetarian or gluten-free meal. Also raw trailer and the friends of affordable kitchen come at their expense. In addition to the many recipes, there are also useful tips & tricks and interesting background information on many foods.

To ensure a high quality of content, only videos are provided by selected content partners. The content partners include professional and amateur chefs, food lovers and Gerneesser, that have fun, you can to present. Manfred Ruf, CEO of sevenload: “the great on our video platform is that even cooking ring like I also likes dare approach in addition to the local fare of culinary delicacies.” is according to the tutoring Portal the second vertical video of sevenload. In addition to the substantive focus on specific topics, a new technical system was also developed build the new video portal on the. All listings are provided for the users free of charge and financed through advertising. Nikola Ingenhoven sevenload GmbH

Experiencing Worldwide Recognition

CAD software made in China refuted cliche and worldwide recognition of GstarCAD, one of the world’s leading provider of 2D/3D CAD software, undergoes has in local CAD markets in Austria, Poland and Italy regarding supply and demand carried out a study and found that manufactured products were the widespread belief in China not quality, not in the opinion of GstarCAD dealers and users is reflected. This result confirms the feedback of users who have visited the GstarCAD exhibitions at fairs Feicon Batimat 2011 and Tektonica 2011. Many people are skeptical about what made in China “products concern; However, you should bear in mind that it can by no means missing China on staff resources and Smart minds with a population of 1.3 billion. GstarCAD-team benefits from this great selection of capable personnel and is therefore able to produce comprehensive, IntelliCAD-based software. The company already has visited many IT events and meetings with partners from all over the world and organized. It could be found that users who actively had experience with GstarCAD software, were far from getting lost in stereotypes. Jeffrey L. Bewkes has similar goals. On the contrary, the program enjoys an excellent reputation and enjoys extraordinary popularity. GstarCAD measures to protect of intellectual property rights as well as the performance and cost efficiency of the software contribute to this positive response with security to a great extent.

Vipin Alazhaths words I have no doubt that GstarCAD some levels over other CAD products of same price range is”sum up the general attitude of other users to the software. In addition, succeeds GstarCAD gradually to change the global concept of software developed in China. Thanks to GstarCAD Polish users from various sectors in the architecture, manufacturing engineering and land surveying are starting to see an excellent CAD software vendor in China! “, says a partner of the company from Poland. Links: Corporate website: products: download page: company: Suzhou Gstarsoft co., Ltd was founded in 1992 and is now a leading provider of 2D/3D CAD software and software solutions for various industries. After more than 18 years of experience with innovative technologies and their practical application the company is dedicated to the development of faster, more powerful, and DWG compatible CAD software for users and partners from all over the world continue.

Working With Art And Life

In the last five years I come working with art therapy and taking care of of people whom trend has the depreso, I make of simple form the work to teach the people to be useful to others, awakes the siginificado one of the life as a whole. Only being able to sevir the other it is that we serve in them. when we start to see levels of suffering of people and animals, is that we see that the life we is fortunate. As work with the power of the aromas also, it is part of the treatment the people to learn to manipulate the old tea of vov, that a intestinal perturbation not only cured, but the affection that makes to reviver the love between the people. Sabonetes aromatical, the banns that relax, and we give to value the nature, learning to recycle the oil of kitchen in soap of high quality and very perfumed. Of this form I leave resgistrado my work here and have the intenso to carry through this project of ampler form, in a mansion or inn more close to So Paulo, in the 100 maximum has kms, therefore close to the nature we can have a bigger vaso of the project, as recycling, hdrico treatment, and to value the nature with the culture of changes of plants and replantio of the same ones, therefore when decorating a vase and planting a living being that will bring joy in some environment in them is integrant part of this moment.

At last, this project in small scale has given excellent result, wants to extend, who to want to be part, and to give a new roupagem in its inn, exactly who has a mansion that little uses, can be the hour of if becoming somebody that comes to make a difference in this world. I always say for the people, I release the crutches and pantufas and work, I see the day, the sun always is born another time, and as the dawn is pretty. Exactly that it is of simple rooms, its inn or mansion can reviver you and many other aged people, young, adolecentes and, think about this contacts and me. Under most conditions CBS would agree. A great one I hug to all.

The Cause

the concept of ITIL is free Roles and responsibilities: without a definition of binding to reach targets, which pledged in an agreement, you will have no control sizes. “Not the feeling also employees of the Organization, successfully achieving an agreed service quality and in the same direction” to draw. In this respect, clear roles and responsibilities need to be set. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Coen Brothers on most websites. 6 implemented ITIL processes work by yourself: without an objective that is mediated by the management, ITIL is run empty or lead to misinterpretation in the organization. ITIL is used to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. This requires but clear objectives of management. 7 improvements are set automatically: it is important to learn from the experience gained and to derive improvements. In practice, reports are often created, and it reviews take place but be actually emerging potentials for improvements to little in attack from it.

The Cause is mainly the lack of influence of the organization affected. 8 SLAs are a static affair: service level agreements include always a two-sided liability. Nevertheless, they must be flexible to changes because organizations are living structures with varying requirements. For a pronounced sensitivity must be on the part of service management, by identified continuously possible changing performance expectations of the customers and organise their deployment. 9 ITIL makes IT an extended workbench: services can be deployed not industrially with the aim to provide added value for the business processes. It doesn’t change the implementation of ITIL-compliant processes. On the contrary a higher business-strategic importance of the Organization in this case. She must are perceived but also actively by you, by not defining himself as a mere supplier of services.

10 tools can do without: without an appropriate Tool can not successfully lived a process. Otherwise, the effort for documentation, processing, evaluation and reporting is too high and bureaucratic. Also a tool support opens up better possibilities to improve performance and the automation of services. About the COC AG:, The COC AG is an experienced IT service provider with a comprehensive range of services in the field of information technology. The company is specialized in the optimization of it. By improving existing technologies, processes and procedures, the COC AG customers paves the way for cost savings and competitive advantages. IT infrastructure management, IT service management and the development of applications and solutions belong to the professional core competencies of COC AG. Flexibility, reliability and trust are the basis of cooperation for all customer projects. Positioned with references from a variety of national and international projects, continuous staff training and certifications from renowned manufacturers is the COC AG as a strong and reliable partner for the entire IT lifecycle. The COC AG employs approximately 170 people at 5 locations in Germany and Austria. Bernhard Duhr of think factory groupcom GmbH Pastorat str. 6 50354 Hurth phone: 02233 / 6117-75