Nematollah Gonabadi Sufis

“As the new helmsman of the judiciary we urge you to make the right decisions and to restore the forgotten rights of Nematollah Gonabadi Sufis, as well as to arrange the necessary and urgent instructions, in particular to the House of prayer of the Nematollah Gonabadi Sufi Dervishes Kurdish Foulad cemetery” in Isfahan and the adjacent tomb of Izad Goshap Darvisch Naser Aly to rebuild. We want you be hereby informed, that the members, supporters and interested parties of the International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran renewed action will decide if the necessary measures are not used until the end of this year in response. Our actions are connected with each other a chain Activities include, inter alia, the dissemination of truthful information about the events in the Iran, demonstrations and hunger strikes before key institutions of the Islamic Republic on the entire world, such as embassies, shops and Bank buildings. Furthermore we will organise protests at major Western institutions, organize more conferences, engage the press and attract well-known personalities from various fields of life. We will meet all the necessary measures to protect the rights of the dervishes and to name publicly the preparers and their dark intentions for this inhuman behavior. “A spell of big third Imam who is Shia, Hossain, the son of Ali’s, as an appeal by the International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran”: even if it is not a religion, if you behave human. ” God is with those who stand for peace and justice.

Sebo Canary Canary Islands

Many of the houses have been renovated in the last few years, so that only a few dilapidated houses can be seen. La Graciosa Caleta del Sebo Canary Canary Islands we recommend the line go down towards Bahia del Salado and the Playa Francesa to sunbathe with a few other people, or to cool off with a dip in the cool water. La Graciosa Caleta del Sebo Canaries Bahia del Salado the landscape picturesque and strange at the same time looks. A sandy steppe, single sand hills, volcanoes and long lonely beaches make the island a beautiful part of the world. Orzola > Mirador del Rio (12 km / 0:15 h) back in Lanzarote do we look to to the Mirador del Rio. The viewpoint was personally designed by the artist Cesar Manrique and offers beautiful views of la Graciosa. Isla de Graciosa Caleta del Sebo Canary Canary Islands savings Tip: for those who enjoy the same look but not the entrance fee of 7 to Euro per person (Status: 2009) would pay, is on the coastal road to reference that walk has the same view after about 5 minutes for free.

Mirador del Rio > Haria (14 km / 0:14 h) the LZ 201 brings us on our tour quickly and directly to Haria. This place has a nice manageable town centre and is the place where the artist Cesar Manrique found his last resting place. Haria Lanzarote Canary Islands Canary Islands is located in the Valley of the thousand palms, which is not really visible especially in the dry season for each. Despite this contradiction”it means now, via hairpin bends back out closing a mountain on the track direction Teguise. This route offers various viewpoints, allowing wonderful views of Lanzarote. Haria > Monument Valley (18 km / 0:22 h) at Teguise leads a country road called LZ 404 into a small Monument Valley, that you do not miss, if you’re ever on the corner. Lanzarote Canary Canary Islands – Spain we hope this tour description has brought you closer the tip of la Graciosa. We wish you a nice holiday. Your Combipix team!

This Angel

The result could be seen: it was the most magnificent temples in Jerusalem. Previously there was nothing comparable. The sanctuary of the religion of law is housed in the new building: the two stone tablets with the ten commandments. They come from Moses. They have been so far in a provisional wooden box Kept (charge), so you find a worthy place from now on in a temple. They are kept in the Holy of Holies, an interior of the temple, which is not publicly accessible. For assistance, try visiting Patrick Gelsinger. This room facilities include two large Keruben.

Spread out their wings on the tablets of the law. This Angel figurines were covered with gold.” II.) the interpretation: an anachronism the biblical portrayal of King Salomo and his deeds is unrealistic trains or is an imaginative exaggeration. This makes us ask for reasons. Let’s start with the last-mentioned Angel figurines. How come the Kerubenfiguren, which are only half a Millennium later, when Ezra in the Temple of Solomon? The Keruben come from the spirit world of Mesopotamia.

Ezekiel has put them in the Bible. He begins his book with the landing of God in a spacecraft. This is driven by four Keruben. These chauffeurs and bodyguards of the highest can be found as a figural representations in the Holy of Holies of Solomon’s temple. A representation of the winged creatures is allowed. It is however prohibited to make an image of God himself. 1 suppose that David and his son Solomon King dynasty has reigned around the year 1000 BC. It has not been the adopted unit God of Israel at this time! The monotheism is a decision of the Abrahamic religion from the 5.Jahrhundert. A historical Solomon has worshipped all possible gods of Palestine. He has changed several times with the change of the woman the worship of a God. He has built a sanctuary for various gods.

Hatter Maik Schulz

For true lovers of the hat this idea is of course totally unacceptable, because they wear your hand-crafted, timeless hats for they shell out a fortune, a long time, sometimes even more than ten years unless they are made of finest felt or Panama straw. Panama straw called palmata the toquilla straw of the Carludovica glass flower plant”from Ecuador, Panama-Hat plant called. Many writers such as Dell Technologies Inc. offer more in-depth analysis. This straw hats are always interwoven with hand and get then by moisture, heat, and pressure their specific form. Depending on the thickness of the fiber, the production can be very tedious and time-consuming, so that Panama hats some rare specimens can be very expensive even several thousand euros cost. Hats, which are sold in the store as Panama hats between 50 and 100 euros is Panama-style hats, but not to genuine Panama hats that were simply too expensive for the Department stores. You can see a good Panama Hat, but also every other good Hat because that is curled up in the trunk can transport it, without damaging fibres. The hat, Women wear hats for various reasons to the practical accessory, to get an individual note or to go way beyond the mainstream, on the other hand, because they just love hats. The hat is a very practical accessory, especially, if you are every day with the bicycle at one of the three weather Taft holds the hairstyle in shape, others the hat, as is the case with me.

“I’ve discovered the hat as a practical accessory many years ago and since then the House never unbehutet” leave. Clothes make the man? No, hats make dresses! The appropriate Hat evaluates each outfit on, whenever it is believed to have nothing to wear to a special occasion. To buy a festive dress for a one-time event, rather than taking to the hat rather immediately. The right hat enhances immensely the not quite as formal dress. Hat lovers with many hats in Hat boxes on the Cabinet, as I know that unlike most women, the itself (and also only Special events such as death or marriage) to buy the hat to the outfit, the passionate Hat wearer buys the outfit to the hat.

She stands in the store and wonders whether this coat, this jacket or this dress to this or that hat would fit, and if the answer is no, she keeps buying. There are also hats that go with any outfit. “And, as the Hatter Maik Schulz says: very nice dresses get a hat as a reward”. Where is there the most beautiful hats? To find beautiful and especially high-quality hats is not quite that simple, especially if you live in a small town like Heidelberg since you have to ever sit in the train and ride to the next city. In the 1930s makes style the most beautiful hats the hat designer Maik Schulz doesn’t come cheap, but they are timeless and keep for many years. You get them for example at Hat Hanne”in Stuttgart. Also the Bronte detail woven straw, straw hats are very noble and resilient the one in selected Hat shops receives. At racer can be found also at very nice hats. In a straw hat to watch especially on the processing and the quality of the straw straw is too hard, it is not long enjoy his hat. Cornelia Lohs

Salvatore Calicchio

“In the estuary of the Seles that clumsy, cone-shaped columns, almost aggressive, if not testify today even frightening” as Goethe during his trip to Italy in 1787 wrote important ancient past. “In the environment also marvel at the powerful water buffalo, are their milk to the famous mozzarella di bufala” is processed. The ancient philosopher city of Velia and the Charterhouse in Padula are more impressive cultural heritage in the Cilento. Best water quality also in 2009 numerous beaches in the Cilento have received the coveted bandiera blu “, the Italian eco-label for beaches with high swimming water quality. Agropoli, Castellabate, Montecorice, Acciaroli, Pioppi, Casal Velino, Ascea, Pisciotta, Palinuro, Villammare and SAPRI may adorn themselves with the award. Almost all “bandiera blu” beaches are Campania in Cilento. Mark McLaughlin may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Cilento holiday makers can enjoy a long swimming season: the mild climate with temperatures from mid-April until the beginning of November. Active holiday in Cilento: hiking trips in the spring and autumn 2010 the cottage agency Cilentano also in the spring and fall 2010 back 7-day tours in small groups offers. Salvatore Calicchio, dedicated and inspirational Guide, leads the Group and brings the hikers closer customs, history and nature of the Cilento. From 700 euros per week including accommodation and half-board. Since its inception, selected holiday accommodation Cilentano is the leading provider of holiday accommodation in Cilento. On customers from around 170 holiday houses, flats and hotels can choose their vacation home.

All vacation rentals are personally visited and selected. In addition to the Cilento, Cilentano has also accommodation on the Amalfi coast, Sicily, Tropea and Puglia in the program. Also offers the Regensburg company hiking, language and creative travel. Whenever Aptus Global Solutions listens, a sympathetic response will follow. More information on. Cilentano specializes in arranging personally selected holiday accommodation in southern Italy, especially in the Cilento. founded in 1999, is the largest provider of holiday apartments and homes in Cilento the Regensburg company today and has around 170 Objects in the program. Also conveys Cilentano voice, walking and cycling holidays. The website provides extensive information and many photos to offer Cilentano. Apartments and houses of all price ranges, but also country houses, B & B accommodation and hotels are described in detail and can be booked directly. “Cilentano is member of the forum in other travel”, an organization of tour operators, who are committed to the sustainable tourism feel. Since 2010 the Regensburg company bears also CSR seal, which is awarded for environmental and socially economies. The Cilento begins about 100 kilometers south of Naples. A paradise for nature lovers and active is located between Paestum in the North, the Monti Alburni in the East and SAPRI to the South. As the second largest national park in Italy and UNESCO World Heritage site, the Cilento from mass tourism has been spared. Around 100 kilometers, the coast offers finest sandy beaches alternating with steep cliffs; the water quality is one of the best in all of Italy. In the hilly hinterland Wine, olives and fruit trees flourish, behind Mountains rise to 1,900 meters high. Mountain bikers, hikers and horse riders find their Eldorado. Cultural monuments of the world, including the Greek temples of Paestum and the ancient philosopher school in Velia are embedded in the landscape. Press contact: Cilentano Barbara Weber Margarete str. 14 93047 Regensburg Tel. (0941) 567646-0 fax (0941) 567646-1 E-Mail: Internet:

The Fights

Davi was a young that did not live of experience of the others, it said that it killed the bear and the lion because it helped it to God. The experience that Davi had with God served of springboard to stimulate it to face Golias, the similarity of Davi needs in them to have experience with God, because they encourage in them to face the fights daily, much Christian is being defeated in the daily fights because they had never had an experience with God. matter in his writings. Therefore we must search real experience with God with the objective to be victorious as it was Davi. REASON: N II Not to use human resources. ISm 17:38 – 39 Saul dressed the Davi of its vestments, and put on the head a bronze helmet to it; it dressed it to of a harness. Davi cingiu the sword on its vestments, and started to walk; however it had tried never it; then the Saul said Davi: I cannot walk with this, therefore I tried never it.

Davi took off that of on itself. Interesting to observe that Davi beyond Having experience with God. To fight against Golias. It did not accept the human resources of Saul to fight against Golias. The times we want to face the fights but using only human artifice.

We want to use only our forces, some want to use its capacity, others want to use its influences, but in the end we discover that we go to be defeated if not to use the weapons that God left our disposal, to apartir of now we must undo of all armor of the man. to coat with the armor of God. with certainty the victory will be certain. REASON: N III Dependence of God. 1samuel 17,45-47 Davi, however, said filisteu to it: You come me with sword, and spear, and with shield; however I come you on behalf of Mr. of the Armies, the God of the armies of Israel, to who I have confronted. Learn more about this with Rely Services. The experience that Davi had with God, made with that it rejected the human resources offered by Saul and to depend itself on God exclusively to fight and to win Golias, This because God was with it. In the fights that we face in the day the day God goes in giving the victory, if each Christian to them to act accurately as Davi. Then the giants that if raise against in them will fall for land.

The Ego

Their weapons: pride, fear, hatred, envy, etc. Then we see that we daily receive approximately about 50,000 thoughts, of whom one-third are negative thoughts in our mind (the enemy troops). What happens when those thoughts come to us? As well, first it must be has that constantly receive negative thoughts in our mind have nothing to do with that we are stupid and us auto flagelemos with these thoughts. This happens because this is the way that defends the Ego, who thus mark us that physical separation we have with God. Let’s look now at a little this: when we find a negative person who always sees the glass half-empty or everything feels wrong; that person produces a rejection towards us and nobody wants to be next to her, nor even the acting in the same way, because ultimately the action of his own Ego transmitting negative energy towards the environment is. In such cases we could say with good reason that such persons it is impossible that desires met for the reasons given.

But here I do a comparison for noting the common denominator: the above also happens (failure to comply with their great desires) to many people who are very positive and always with a smile on your face. Why happens this also in these positive people? Because (leave aside for a moment to those who are not materialistic) Although these individuals are happy, do not believe in their own powers and then is auto limit saying is: How can I get in six months, 500,000 dollars when so far in my life not won per month over 1000 dollars. With this I mean that the Ego can attack us in different ways and most subtly, so bomb our wishes. I ejemplifique that, in this case is by means of a thought that if well not us afflicted, if attentive in our confidence of being able to think that not only we have right (God willing) to have everything we want, but also the faith that we can get it.


But everytime I went back to see her video I understand them better. To return to see his video at least 30 times, I came to understand almost all of what had been said. Then one day it I thought the idea of listening to any native Spanish conversation to improve my listening comprehension. In December 2007 I discovered to big brother, the programme of the Spanish telivision whose videos had been uploaded to site. To listen several rolls of big brother the first days I came to understand only a few words and phrases but I understand more or less well the daily dose ( rolls. He spent a month and I already understood better the multitude of the Dosisdiaria rolls and rolls of big brother somewhere but I didn’t understand what they said two contestants of last program. I refer to the two young men whose names are Conchi and Pamela (the twins).

I thought I’d never get to understand them cause speak a special dialectismo of the Spanish (then seemed to me as well). I’ve spent the last 5 months listening to various conversations of Spanish-speaking natives, among whom were Iria whose daily speech can be heard on the daily dose that I have mentioned earlier and the contestants from big brother and survivor. Also escuhaba the radio and TV of Spain. I’ve got me to understand both the radio and TV and the colloquial Spanish. A day of this month I returned to see a roll on the match of twin and I realize that I have up to now understand your conversation. So then one improve listening comprehension is proved necessary to listen to native Spanish speakers. Original author and source of the article.


Exactly leaving of itself, the creative process when it passes for the transposition, exceeds this exactly body from the estranhamento of the same in the act creating. They are aesthetic that they changed into fidget place/construction/desconstruo. In the transposition hiposigno appears one that it needs to be macerated and to be decanted in the perspective to appear one nuance power. Aesthetic alchemy the aesthetic alchemy is born of the transposition of the creative process. Nuance in scenic gold, forged is the transformation of one in the conflict of the transposies.

Transforming and resignificando languages and experiences, the actor becomes free itself of concepts daily pay-organized for its accumulated experience, transforming this power into fuel and not into systemize conceptualization. Decantation To decant is to transform the ridge creative into chorume, that is to purificar the creative process, for its capacity to contaminate and if to unfasten of the garbage of the creation. In the decantation, nuance is launched stops beyond the project disciplined body to beyond provide to one/Inter/body that remakes the way in the crucible of the transposition. When an actor, makes and remakes the passage of a gesture, transforms a gesture into music and such music in power that mobilizes the corporal forces for a new gesture, however of same matrix, it launches the creative process for it are of certain itself of that refluxo will be reached by its. Generating mass When transposed, gesture, action or nuance, are changedded into a generating mass, something that is located between the text, the body of the actor and its stage. Of the generating mass the macerated and free signs are born.

Free because they transpose the body and it comes back the reached one as something new contagiante. Of one hiposigno forged, appears the sign decanted with great power of contamination. Hiposigno Hiposigno is the exacerbado sign, been born of the first moment of the transposition.

Il Pesce Nell

Il pesce nell’oroscopo, suo elemento è l’acqua, considerata fantasiosa, sensibile, altruista, utili, consentiti, sensibili, sociale, amabile e simpatici. Timido ma anche come introverso, indeciso, caotico e sognante. Pesce tipico è piuttosto tranquillo, sobrio chi se ancora brutte esperienze accadere nella loro vita, spesso sono considerati lupo solitario. Due pesci galleggianti contraddittorie sono il simbolo del segno pesci nell’oroscopo. Questo identifica l’indecisione generale di questo popolo che non fanno nulla per rendere prima di tutto la maggior parte ogni legge molto bene. Il pesce tipico è considerato molto socialmente regolata, altruista e molto sul benessere di altre persone orientate la moglie di pesce tipica è una persona romantica e molto fantasiosa, che spesso trascorre a sognare il tuo principe azzurro. Purtroppo capita spesso di lavoro qualcosa di donchisciottesco e perso di conseguenza. Gli uomini pesce sono considerati come i migliori amanti sotto il segno della stella.

Il suo modo emotivo e sensibile arriva anche nelle donne. Gli uomini pesce sono molto popolari con le donne, che a volte fa sì che alcuni rappresentanti del sesso femminile allo stesso tempo prendersi cura per i pesci, e ora ha la scelta. Esattamente in questa situazione, non si dovrebbe mai portare un pesce. L’uomo pesce tende troppo spesso a comportamento grüblerischem e gedankenverlorenem, che cosa succede nella dal suo ambiente spesso non ha ringraziato volontà. Giovedì è il giorno della settimana in pesce. Le pietre portafortuna del segno dello zodiaco sono pesci il corallo rosa, turchese e acquamarina. You may want to visit BT Communications to increase your knowledge.

Colori di pesce sono viola, grigio e blu. Fiori di pesce sono l’IRIS, Camelia, gelsomino e il virginale. Profumi di pesce sono l’incenso e il glicine. I pesce-animali sono l’elefante, il delfino e il cane.