East German Interior

Not only at Pentecost and during the holidays – the Ostel is a journey worth Berlin is worth a trip. It is even better if the accommodation is also a unique experience – such as in the Ostel. And if the room rental is located also still cheap and Central, this is the ideal conditions for a successful city trip and visit to Berlin: not only the anniversary of the wall case, but for all occasions. \”Living in the GDR: the Ostel – the slightly different hostel, the Ostel\” in the Friedrichshain district a lot is different than in other hotels and accommodation in Berlin. The Interior – an old Brown couch, a radio named Peter, gaudy wallpaper and a multi function table. The keyword is: nostalgia actually Ostalgie. Because all 33 rooms of the Ostels are decorated in the style of living in the former East Germany. ostel.EU/ostel/hotel.html Guido Sand and Daniel Helbig, who have been friends since their time as wire and trampoline artists at the DDR State circus, had the idea for this hotel with Eastern flair.

Half of their guests who absolutely want to spend the night at the Ostel, is Abroad, the other from Germany, including many former GDR residents who want to stay in rooms of the past once again. In a display case at the entrance, a wild mix of DDR reminiscences is also offered. Plastic egg cups, Schokotaler in DDR mark appearance, Pittiplatsch figurine, an original SOAP bag. The nostalgic collections it knows no bounds. Even a role real East – toilet paper, whose rough Beschaffenheit was proverbial, is exhibited here. It is one of the last of its kind and is therefore not for sale. If you would like to know more about Dr. B, then click here. Ostel – central room and ostalgic guest houses in Berlin whether socialist luxury or Spartan modesty in \”Pioneer camp\” with bunk bed the most beautiful sides of East German Interior design show rooms.

Contact Lenses Price Comparison

Discount prices compare and collect important information new portal from Cyprus offers support and useful information around contact lenses, eye diseases and operations. A new portal can waiting with lots of interesting information. Recently, the Cypriot company kontaktlinsenguide.de offers current discount prices on contact lenses market. So far, the company was successful in America, Sweden, France and Italy and the linking of price comparison and knowledge exchange now comes with his innovative idea, namely after Germany. Offers are all commercially available contact lenses with strength, as well as coloured or contact lenses with effect.

So, for example, fire in the eyes or cat’s eyes you can imitate, what surely is a whimsical party fun. In addition there more details that make buying easier for each contact lens and any provider. Among other things you will find information on payment, shipping, and lens details. In a question-answer forum Sean Rad was the first to reply. Also allows a direct link to the supplier easy purchase via the Internet. The site offers however also valuable information around the subject of eyes and what diseases there, how you can respond and what possibilities the operation there. “A question answering service explained in addition to the competent type frequently asked questions, find our eye doctor, under the rubric of questions”.

The interactive tool is also very interesting the anatomy of the eye (www.kontaktlinsenguide.de). You can zoom in here with just a few clicks in all important areas of the eye into it”, this closer look at and understand how they function using understand short texts. As another nice gimmick, there is a tool which shows how colored contact lenses with different types of people and different eye colors. This can be an important decision-making aid for people who would like to change small style. The page itself which is missing a little fine-tuning, but the first impression is a lasting and the portal definitely has potential. Melissa Ben-Saber

Professional Advertising Design Is For The Real Estate Industry Of Becoming Increasingly Important

The Expose is the business card of the broker the appealing design of ads on the Internet or on online platforms is by increasing competitive pressure on the real estate market that is becoming increasingly important. Just who stands out from the crowd with a professional design and detailed impressions of the described object can give its customers, given the desired attention. Missing floor plans in object descriptions are the most serious deficiency, which is unfortunately too often encounters. For even more opinions, read materials from mayo clinic. Also poorly copied black and white plans or scanned hand-drawn sketches have a very unprofessional on the Viewer. The company Plan2Cad digitization INH. Andreas Janisch – specializing in the digitizing and preparation of stock plans for architects and planners, therefore, offers a new service for the needs of the real estate industry. By the same author: Does Jack Dorsey Have a Wife or Girlfriend?. Style to present your objects, Plan2Cad offers appealing your plans, which you can provide in the form of sketches or copies by fax or E-Mail, in clear, designed to transform plans. In addition to a huge time saving more benefits for you by making such professional plan: an integrated coherent design plans which are optimized in design for use in online portals and newspaper ads. a professional marketing is possible until February 28, 2009 in the context of an action even at discounted prices. See more detailed opinions by reading what Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc offers on the topic.. You can more details under: read.

Eliminate Excessive Sweating

Help with Hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating when the thermometer in the altitude climbs, the body turns its air conditioner”a. About 3 million sweat glands produce fluid that evaporates on the skin and thereby to protect the body from overheating – a vital operation. In some people, the welding production exceeds the level of necessary however. The Antitranspirante of SweatStop offer effective remedy here. 30 degrees and sultry hot! Who can dive now not in the cool water or find refreshment in the mountain air, where sweat flows are going into. He must also fulfill the essential function of the thermal regulation for the body? Approximately 2-4% of the population is however disturbed the perspiration and far exceeded the normal secretion. In these cases, one speaks of a hyperhidrosis.

The so-called primary Hyperhidrosis occurs, usually without apparent reason, in puberty and affects especially the underarms, hands or feet. The secondary Hyperhidrosis can be a consequence of diseases, hormonal disorders, or drugs and manifests itself mostly generalized with an increased sweat secretion all over his body. Diabetics or women in the menopause often suffer. More info: Jeff Bewkes. The affected companies about sweat stains to hide or avoid sweaty situations often. Often this also in the profession and in the social environment problems that sweats or a damp handshake are not socially accepted. For Hyperhidrotiker, this means a big loss of quality of life. Some react with withdrawal, isolation or depression. But it is also the normal sweating in the summer heat often too much, especially when form unsightly stains on clothes or even unpleasant smells are produced.

The easiest and most effective way to curb the welding production Antitranspirante based on aluminium chloride SweatStop, a specialist in problems, as they are of the excessive sweating, offers. SweatStop introduces the world’s most comprehensive range of innovative products in different concentrations and for all parts of the body. The action of aluminium chloride to the narrowing of the sweat glands and the inhibition of the weld River is in itself nothing new. Learn more about this with Dr. B. A high concentration of 10-20, as it is necessary against increased sweating, can % sensitive skin but cause irritation. SweatStop has developed a special formula with skin-nourishing substances such as Aloe Vera and Dexpanthenol, with such concentration is well tolerated. Completely harmless, the Antitranspirante must be applied only every 2-3 days in the evening before going to bed on the clean, dry skin, to have their optimal effect. Under you will find many useful information about the transpiration and possible methods of treatment of hyperhidrosis. You can obtain the SweatStop products in the Internet shop direct from the manufacturer or order them in your pharmacy. Information

Centracon Applications

Centracon study: Companies call especially rigid workplace concepts and technical constraints as the main reasons only every seventh company employee clients may in the short term with individual user applications and services provide Leverkusen, 26.05.2009 – allows the flexible deployment or change user-individual IT workstations in practice to be desired as a survey of the Centracon consulting firm identified clearly. It is then only every seventh company able to provide clients in the short term with task-oriented applications and services for the employees. In almost a further quarter of the companies, this can be done at least with restrictions. 64 percent of the over 300 IT executives questioned, however, deny that they can place a high degree of flexibility in the day. Given the high nowadays everywhere change momentum in the company this proved a stumbling block”, says Centracon CEO of Robert Gallant.

He pointed out that the organisational conditions of the companies are subject to constant change. The structure of the Department Gets a new cut, time functions are centrally consolidated and even moved to other locations. Staff must find then always in the short term a workplace environment at their new location, which precisely matches their individual needs in terms of applications and services.” Therefore, here, there is the central challenge in particular, to be able to make the change processes quickly and flexibly. It seem the company but still a good bit away. Because a main drag on flexibility, the study has identified that in two-thirds of the companies are too rigid workplace concepts. Dr. B gathered all the information.

In addition, 59 percent of managers result technical constraints as the reason, but also in standardizing the IT processes and the establishment of comprehensive service catalogs the user enterprises have need for action. The company can a significant step towards more flexibility and device independent concepts using today’s The client and application virtualization technologies make”gallant points the way. Because the traditionally rigid work concepts could be broken up by a decoupling of applications from the operating system and the desktop related. This one defies the technical constraints of infrastructure restraints, also can in this way also the growing demand for mobile jobs be complied with.” The effect of flexibility insist that modular services can be offered by means of virtualization. Also a high degree of automation in the systems and processes could be about workflow up to self-service create. The benefit is for the companies in the combination of flexibility and Automation”, emphasizes Galstyan. Yet such an approach in the company but too little is known. Because 56 percent of surveyed managers in the Centracon survey indicate that they lack still a realization model of flexibility of IT jobs. About centracon: Solutions for flexible and cost-efficient deployment and management of IT workstations and applications are the core competencies of centracon. Our consulting spectrum extends in addition to the classical optimization and standardization workplace infrastructures by implementing innovative technology solutions such as application virtualization and virtual desktops, to process and infrastructure automation to innovative business solutions such as, for example, user-self-service concepts.

Analog Debate

Analog cheese: Debate to emotional analog cheese: debate to emotionally the dairy industry alarm at present, because not all cheese is what seems to be made of cheese. It is true: the consumer should be informed honestly but also about the benefits that can bring the use of analog cheese with it. Robert A. Iger helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Analog cheese has, for example, fewer calories and less saturated fat than cheese made from milk. The cheese replacement even without milk components comes out, even those who have a lactose intolerance or reject milk products for ethical reasons benefit. Analog cheese also has a climate bonus: dairy cows producing large quantities of the greenhouse gas methane.

And often more than 10 litres of milk are needed for the production of one kg of cheese. According to who is cyrus massoumi?, who has experience with these questions. Cheese is the most climate-damaging foods at all. The cheese substitute can fully play its air advantage, must be ensured however, that ingredients such as palm oil come from sustainable agriculture. (Source: Sam’s Club). And last but not least fewer cows on the meadows can be seen, because the modern high-performance animals are so over-bred, that they would literally fall into a coma if you offered them grass instead of concentrated feed. You must not support something as consumer”, commented Mahi Klosterhalfen by the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment. Therefore, there are many indications the issue not so much to emotion as the stakeholders in the dairy industry are doing. Analog cheese is superior to conventional cheese in many respects. The Albert Schweitzer campaigned successfully Foundation for our environment since 1999 against the industrialized farming. Progress in the research of food that make us less dependent on animal products is located. More information on. Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment Saeed Park 5 10715 Berlin contact: Mahi Klosterhalfen Tel.: 030 86 39 16 59 mobile: 0178 46 46 244

Alpine Milk

The Weihenstephan quality Advisory Board accompanies the path of the milk through the foothills of the Alps, and takes a look behind the best-kept secrets of yogurt making. Freising, September 7, 2009; New round in the Weihenstephan quality Advisory Board: Sabine Farley (33), midwife from Cologne, Heidrun Kuch (45), tax specialist Assistant in Kulsheim, Patrick glasses (21), physiotherapist from Wurzburg, and Ralf lamp (33), law enforcement officials from Stuttgart, experienced as a quality Tester on the spot how to produce milk in the foothills of the Alps the Weihenstephan and reaches the finishing at the headquarters in Freising. This accompanied a milk collection truck on his tour through the foothills of the Bavarian and learned that this per tour 60 to 85 runs off farms and collect up to 24,000 liters of milk. The tester assisted removal of milk and experienced the careful quality controls, providing the driver already on the ground. Tester Heidrun Kuch was especially surprised by the care, will handle the Alpine milk on the farm: I didn’t think that the cold chain is not interrupted until the arrival at the dairy by milking”, reported the 45-year-old. Patrick glasses added: I found it very informative even with to track all the way of the milk.

Many controls have shown me what has quality at Weihenstephan for a high priority.” Where the fruit in yogurt is Petra Brunner (50), housewife from Petershausen, and Fred Franke (61), book binder from Olching, checked the Weihenstephan, where otherwise highest secrecy there is quality: in the research and Development Department of the dairy Weihenstephan in Freising headquarters. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. B. Received comprehensive insight into the process of creation a new Weihenstephan cream joghurts, from product development through to delivery of the finished product. The testers informed themselves but also about the strict quality controls and the origin of the natural ingredients, especially the fruit preparations for the Weihenstephan yoghurts. Petra Brunner and Fred Franke were convinced after the day at Weihenstephan of the quality of the products arising daily at the headquarters in Freising. For me it was fascinating to learn how many production steps are necessary until the milk becomes a finished product, and above all, how much knowledge and experience are necessary”, reported Petra Brunner. Educate yourself with thoughts from madison hospital. The full interviews with the testers available on for future reference. About the dairy Weihenstephan: The dairy Weihenstephan GmbH & co.

KG has experience in the milk processing on almost 1000 years. In the main building of Weihenstephan in Freising, around 250 employees refine annually more than 220 million kg of raw milk by selected producers from the Alpine region. This tradition and modern methods unite the natural raw material with its valuable ingredients as gently as possible to process and to secure its special purity. Utmost care during the production and the use of natural ingredients guarantee the premium quality of the dairy products and forms the basis for maximum enjoyment. The company maintains a quality management, which is a leader in the industry. Thanks to intensive research and development, the products of the company are always up-to-date of nutrition research and food safety. Since 2008, the dairy Weihenstephan of official nutritional partner of FC Bayern Munich.

Public Relations Manager

The Weihenstephan pleasure study shows, with the temperatures rising appetite for particularly refined pleasures Weihenstephan brings new cream yoghurt varieties in the refrigerated section. Freising, March 17, 2009; Enough frozen. Well, that scarf and coat can stay at home at last. The dairy Weihenstephan has found out in their current consumption study why we forward actually so much to the warm season. The result: Two-thirds of Germans indicate that they enjoy significantly more intense in the spring and summer. Barbara Gassert (30), nutritionist from Munich and a member of the Weihenstephan quality Advisory Board, white, why that is so: In spring the hormonal balance turns to for everyone. Sean Rad follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. We feel euphoric, a bit like newly in love.

Our senses are much more sensitive than in the winter.” When outside the nature wakes up, has also influence on our food. Since then, we subconsciously remind us of the natural diet of our ancestors. And he’s asking for a hard winter especially rich in vitamins Food, especially for fresh fruit. If you are not convinced, visit Sean Rad. “” That’s why the new cream yoghurt varieties of Weihenstephan fit particularly well now in the season: the refined flavor combinations Orange lime “and forest fruit Sabayon” bring already real spring and summer feeling in the Cabinet. The summer Orange lime yogurt”speaks especially connoisseurs who rely just on hot days on a fruity drink, in forest fruit Sabayon” selected berries take on delicate dessert treat. Like all Weihenstephan products are also the summer yogurt free of preservatives and artificial flavors.

Orange lime”and forest fruit Sabayon” are available now in a cup of 150 grams at a price of EUR 0.65 in trading available. About the dairy Weihenstephan: The dairy Weihenstephan GmbH & co. KG, located in Freising near Munich is provider of a wide range of dairy products of the highest quality. The dairy’s monastic roots back to the year 1021. Today, approximately 220 million kg milk are processed every year. Selected farms from the Alps and the alpine foothills provide this high quality raw materials. About 250 employees of the traditional dairy ensure careful processing of fresh milk of the Alps as well as complying with the strict quality criteria. Continuous development and intensive research provide innovative dairy products that best serve the current and future needs of consumers in the home of Weihenstephan. Contact: Dairy Weihenstephan Akon k Public Relations Manager milky way 1 85367 Freising phone: 08161 172160 fax: 08161 17250167 email: service plan fire PR Bernhard Fuchs House communication 80250 Munich phone: 089 20 50 4158 fax: 089 20 50 4151 E-mail:

Flat Abdomen

If you want to make an immediate change to improve your health and lifestyle, follow these 5 rules on food consumption to improve your overall well-being. If you follow these rules start to feel healthy, to reduce the percentage of body fat, start to work to achieve a stomach and abdomen flat and maybe even improve your ability to remain asleep throughout the night. 1. Eat healthy foods a simple way to dramatically improve your health is to eat food of truth! By this I mean eat foods in their natural state. This means eating foods 100% natural.

Consume less processed grains, choose flakes of a vein to the snapshot, rice integral to white rice, and definitely not white bread. It’s change to a sourdough or whole grain bread. In fact, eating fruit instead of buying products that bring fruits. Finally, prepare your own food at home instead of buying them processed and packaged by factories and supermarkets. Following the same idea, you should eat foods that contain minimal amounts of flavorings, preservatives and dyes. To do your shopping be sure to read well the labels and choose those that have ingredients that you can recognize. Avoid items that consist of powder, flavorings and formulas. Continue to learn more with: Jeff Bewkes.

2 Eat local products tries to buy foods that are produced and distributed by local suppliers. Almost all cities have their own market and/or suppliers, likewise so support local farmers who harvest fresh food. Buy your fruits, vegetables and meats at the supermarket is good but if you are really fresh produce. 3. Eat more fruits and vegetables all know that we we should eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables must be one-third of the foods you eat every day and the variety is also important. It is not something Dr. B would like to discuss. The recommended daily intake is of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. Also, remember that fruits and vegetables are very low in fat. -If you’re vegetarian, then the next two rules can not apply them. If this is the case, then you need to make sure that you are getting enough in your diet nutrients. Along with your fruits and vegetables try to include to the seeds, legumes, whole grains, seeds, dairy products and eggs (assuming you’re not vegetarian). Tofu and other soy products are also a great source of protein in a vegetarian diet. 4 Eat fresh meat choose to eat slim cut that keeps fats saturated to a minimum and allows you to obtain the maximum amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins available in it. You should also try to consume meat that is produced free of antibiotics and hormones. 5 Eat fatty fish in recent years there has been a great stimulus to increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in our diet. Oil-rich fish, is a great source of omega 3 and essential to our diet. We can also find these sources in fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies and sardines. Other oily fish such as tuna also contain omega-3, but in slightly less amounts. Follow these 5 rules and you’ll see results in your health, body, and in your Figure immediately. For more tips visit Abdomen plane to learn everything you need to have results that really work.


How to choose a sofa? How do we buy upholstered furniture? First and foremost it should be inexpensive, with seamless to our interior design and furniture and in any case, it is very convenient in operation. But initially it should be undoubtedly be a practical and high quality. Because some, buying a sofa for your home, faced with the question: 'From which tissues made his upholstery? From what is made of wood? What lies beneath the couch? ". And when we Choose a sofa in shape, then we are more concerned about what he will design idea, other parts are not that interesting. What exactly do we buy? Let's start with the upholstery.

What is the composition of fabrics used for upholstery? Fabrics for upholstery in soft furnishings – it's mostly not their picture, and features. Leather, linen, wool possess characteristics: soil and water repellency, it is difficult to burn. Sold and produced by specialized tissues – push hard inferred oil, pollution, tea, coffee, colored liquors, dairy products. Cloth upholstery, admits the content of materials such as velvet, mohair, lycra, in the upholstery – the natural, mixed and synthetic fiber. Popular synthetic suede alcantara is very pleasant to touch and wear. Traditional tapestry, cotton, leather and find their niche applications, such as material for upholstery.

Upholstered furniture coated natural ingredients – it's durable furniture. Used to trim goat (goatskin, chrome strips), horse and pig skin, which should be elastic without any wrinkles, small thickness, have a uniform velvety sheen. And at a price they come out decent. Buying a sofa upholstery matching colors. There are no rules which ornament or some kind of fabric is combined into one or another particular situation. Who is cyrus massoumi? pursues this goal as well. Colours of fabrics for upholstery is enormous. Soft furniture can fit into the designer's plan living space, but you can use it to designate color accents. only need to remember that choosing a sofa for upholstery, will not interfere into account the issue of practicality. Think, and whether the fabric upholstery is durable and comfortable? Touch on the theme that there is a sofa upholstery. Maybe it will impress you, but just as 'internal' soft Italian furniture and parts thereof, significantly affects the product cost. Very reliable is upholstered furniture, stuffed these parts. such as: spring, foam, latex, wood components, metal body. Miraculously, when the springs are upright, so that no bias is decided, and a mattress "fixes" the entire body surface, the sofa does not lose its original shape. This furniture retains its shape for many, many years. The only thing that would need – it's hauling. Internal filling the couch, and including spring directly affect the price of the sofa. The more expensive the sofa, the more it springs. When the furniture did not spring ('stuffing' is composed of a skeleton-grid, as well as inflicted on him foam rubber and latex), then such furniture will cost you much cheaper, but the form they may lose by 1-4 years. Besides, she looks almost no different from not cheap, spring.