Anton Kathrein

However may be not forgetting that all moving elementary particles including the photons also Have wave properties, this is called the wave particle duality”. Photons have an infinite natural life, but can be created in a variety of physical processes or destroyed. Everything is vibration, and in cooperation with water this fascinating cleaning process which effectively protects the environment, is a genuine environmental protection. The application is really simple, sink, buckets, tap water and the usual cleaning helpers, such as sponge, cloth, leather or microfibre cloths, brushes, so everything is already used in the budget. It also works in the dishwasher, put it simply in the tray for cutlery, and then starts the also already, they must observe only one thing: use to improve a minimum amount of salt or detergent, a crumb of a ‘tap’, not the cleaning result but because of germs, as household dishwashers reach the temperature of all germs are killed. Filed under: Gavin Baker, New York City. It cleans, or wash in the washing machine, “eClypsi’ just in the washing place (pocket, sock) so it rumbles not so” when the rotation of the drum, fabric softeners are not necessary, and usually everything is clean, who wants to use more detergent, but it is not necessary.

It is convenient because 10 years cleaning power, the customer will pay for 45.00 just, at the moment you can refer to it only in the online-shop of ZARO Biotec. It will be curious what the creative minds in the Tyrol still so everything will invent, because they are constantly researching in terms of water and light particle energy. And according to information of the company, there is still much to discover. Water and light are important components of life and we’re about these modules always better to understand that can have many positive effects on body and mind, it is a universe of possibilities in which we live. (End) Press releases: Antony Zettl Prof. Dr. Anton Kathrein str.