Ball Game Under The Constellation Turtles

You ever thought why our constellation of Gemini constellation of the ancient Maya called Turtle? No? So think about it. And why they had such strange names for constellations: The Bat, Frog, Parrot, Snake with a trunk, Owl, Scorpion, Turtle, a rattlesnake? Imagine a modern astrologer, operating their names. But this is not the strangest thing. Maya could not reinvent the wheel, but were able to grasp the idea of cycling time, do not use draft animals, did not know the potter's wheel, however, came up with a game ball, which is like a modern tennis, or rather, volleyball. And there is no wonder that the ancient Maya invented the bicycle. Instead, they synthesized the idea of the death-rebirth of the god of maize. Why would they bicycle if there is a ball game? And in it – an endless change of life and death.

There were at least three versions of this ritual and Still sporting event: the "hand-ball", "stick-ball" and "hip-ball." Different rules, equipment and players' views of the stadiums. "Head-ball" could not be for the simple reason that the rubber kruglyash weighed 4-5 kg. A view of his completely consistent with cannon to the kernel. Rolled a 'core' of the Hevea tree sap, which is today called latex. Columbus thugs, of course, were stunned when they saw the thugs Maya play cannon balls. Glenn Dubin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Topics more, so outlandish sports equipment: hard band (south), weighed about 30 kg, was mounted on a belt of players with the ball, under the yoke and on the hands was protective wrapping, in the hands – stone bits (manopla), resembles the shape of a weight. Rubber ball struggled collar or a bat. The two teams battled on the field, divided into two parts.

Ball tried to apply so that the enemy was unable to repel. The winner is the team that allowed fewer mistakes. The losers are often sacrificed to the god of maize, chopping off their heads at the same stadium where the game took place. Columbus brought the latex in Spain, but the Europeans were able to learn it only in 1839 when invented the vulcanization of rubber compounds. From the study of ball games related interpretation of one of the mysteries of the Maya – the giant stone heads, detached, more than a meter tall and weighing about 20 tons. It is believed that the heads of these monuments are the unlucky players to the ball.