Bill Clinton Eyes

He finished the Arkansas against Duke basketball game and there it was, by my side, on the edge of the track. One, modest reporter, with his camera at the ready, to capture the moment. Another, the President of the United States, to clean body, to congratulate the champions. As soon as the racket of the victors are clarified, an excited Bill Clinton hugged coach Nolan Richardson. He has earned all suffered the penalty so that he arrived this time, I heard you told him. Earlier, seeing that I looked at him, with a smile blazing Clinton tended me his hand. Accustomed to the fervor of the crowds and the ritual of electoral campaigns, yours was certainly an automatic gesture. On the other hand, seemed to me, cordial.

Seen this way, a metre and a half, Clinton is more higher, clearer complexion and with more blue eyes than in the photographs. I believe, moreover, that the man was excited. A Razorbacks CAP in your head, wet eyes of the President and his throat Walnut climbed several times with precipitation. What they want to say. Maybe the world was then play into a ravine. If you would like to know more about Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City, then click here.

At best, his advisers went in Washington like crazy. But there he was, oblivious to everything except to the magical moment of his team’s victory. At that time, aside from any political consideration, Clinton seemed more human than my neighbor’s house opposite. (News of the world-New York, August 23, 1997. Biographical sketch later collected with a hundred more in the characters of a lifetime book.