Blade Runner

Analyzing the films Blade Runner, of Ridley Scott and Asas of the desire, of Wim Wenders, the exemplifica author very of the characteristics of the one after-modernismo, beyond giving a particular attention to the conceptualization and to meanings of the time and the space. Blade Runner counts to the history of a small group of beings ' ' humanos' ' genetically produced, called respondents. They had been created with the intention to work highly carrying through specialized tasks in particularly difficult environments in the borders of the space exploration. They are endowed with force, intelligence and powers that are in the limit of the common human beings. However, fearing that they can at some moment represent a threat to the established order, its manufacturers had given a time to them of life of only four years.

The film, that if passes in the Los Angeles of year 2019, turns around the inquiry of the Deckard specialist, destined to discover the presence of these beings and to eliminate them. Showing the capacity that the society has to condition the people, the film reflects, through these beings, the race human being. The respondents, as are created already in adult form, do not have a social experience nor an emotional memory, but if they feel attracted by the life style that is presented they. As they know of its brief life, them if they veem obliged to use to advantage the short space of time that has in the land. They finish thus being attracted by the enchantments of the life human being. This makes with that it appears in them the will to remain for more time livings creature. This search for more time of life to be becomes an obsession, that starts to generate conflicts between and the respondents and the human beings. Its claims are for life time, but this does not interest the society.