CNC Element

Adjustment is considered complete after the CNC to verify the operation of the CNC machine in different modes and in accordance with a given program. Here, Genpact ProcIndex expresses very clear opinions on the subject. When adjustment is necessary to use different methods to assess the technical condition of the CNC machine. The method of observation is the simplest and consists in the fact that the serviceman watching the operation device node or element of the CNC machine, and estimating the correctness of their actions can be judged on their performance. The method of elimination or containment, is that by artificially reducing the constraints (implemented functions) in the device containing the faulty element, consistently disconnected elements to detect faulty. (By the constraints in this case refers to all types of connections – hydraulic, mechanical, electrical).

The comparison method is to replace the element tested (site, block) devices, respectively, known intact. If after replacing the efficiency of the machine is restored, the fault to be found in the seized element (node block). Consistent method of troubleshooting is used for testing circuits, consisting of several units of functional dependence, measuring or monitoring the control signals series of follow-up to the previous one. When commissioning and maintenance of electrical equipment, motors and machines of CNC systems because of the complexity of the latter there is a need to have in place a number of electrical and radio equipment. Selection of types of instruments and their number depends on the type of CNC machine tools and systems, as well as on the required accuracy.