CONAV Consulting

VSH net rates of CONAV consulting for financial institutions and intermediaries two brokerage-free VSH NET tariffs which has CONAV consulting exclusively for members of the RAJARAM e. V. (and those who still get it) as online statements option on the Web page. The powerful design of the tariffs, which are available in modular building block or alternatively as maximum powerful mixing police for insurance intermediaries, operating also financial services, are special. Just the insurance agents who are already insured VSH, can use the extremely cheap temporary solution.

The premiums for a maximum one year totaled on: FDL1 approx. 78 FDL 1 and 2 approximately 155 FDL 1 and 2 and 3 approximately 388 of the designed maximum tariff includes many existentially important performance enhancements, so far still not offered in this combination. To cite just a few examples: in the policy are the almost inevitable work with and on the Internet in a comprehensive way and Covered way. Also attacks due to the alleged of infringements of competition law are considered in the cover. The honorary Advisory and fee mediation the activities for private clients are specifically named with.

Learn more get interested about the collective Highlightblatt ( Ralf W. Barth, Managing Director of says CONAV Consulting GmbH & co. KG, about the development of the two tariffs: in cooperation with the RAJARAM was an important basis to offer maximum quality in the VSH services intermediaries. At the same time was the request after a reasonable premium, or a very fair price – / performance ratio to take into account. I am convinced that this well we succeeded with our newly created VSH NET fare world. Another special performance, which we could reach for the mediators is that the confirmation for the Chamber of Commerce registration was sent to intermediaries within 48 hours. “In addition to the Agents can choose personal advice over the CONAV fee online completion option. While two 20 flat-rate packages available in addition to a unique consulting and up to 40% discounted rates available. Who would like to take a quick advice without a contract via the telephone hotline service, can choose this easy variation for himself. The possibilities can be found in the brokerage contract on the CONAV Web site. Ralf W. Barth: I am convinced that the customers in the future much better will be informed by the transparency of the Internet content in the various policies. Independent, educated citizens will want to decide how much consultation needs they have and what they it spend are ready on remuneration. In this sense, we offer our clients the possibility to choose the nettobasierte Award and the required advice in an acceptable for her frame itself. We perceive this as a customer-oriented, fair advice and Mediation in the VSH and insurance sectors. Customers who once used this type of supply and services, show interested in other services according to our estimates of CONAV consulting. “KG see the bid and performance range of CONAV Consulting GmbH & co. on their Web site at.