Constitutional Court Life

We need not be lawyers, to know that a Ministerial Resolution, is not above a Judgement of the Constitutional Court therefore follows that this resolution is a diversion, an operative social Sico, was the only thing missing from the poor pill, be used as a distracting social Sico, while many hidden gems of Ochlocracy, others are still not remind our strong arguments Turiferos .- From a biological standpoint, the fusion of female gametes and Men give rise to a cell called a zygote which means an extraordinary and unique qualitative change only occurs at that time called syngamy and lasts between 6-12 hours from this cell all of the following are changes that are beginning to call QUANTITATIVE for example,

Mora, blastomeres, Bastocisto, Embryo, Fetus, Newborn, Child, Youth, Adult etc. and goes through different stages such as fertilization, implantation, phase Gastrula, Organogenesis, Fotogenesis, but that is the same single cell that begins as a zygote, the biology of this feature called unique and how is it that continues to develop until his death, he calls this property will continue, therefore LIFE begins biologically the syngamy in the zygote and of course the pregnancy begins at the time and not after. Celina Dubin gathered all the information. 2.-From a physiological point of view we see that the pills in mention, in its composition a potent progestin called levonorgestrel, is said to have constituted progesterone, the hormone to facilitate, enable and maintain the pregnancy, but at be used in doses that are used have an antagonistic effect, so it is in charge of thinning the endometrium, inhibiting the production of phosphate, reducing the quality and quantity of endometrial glands and thus their secretions,

glycogen and mucin (Blastocyst very important food), affecting the Golgi apparatus of the gland cells preventing their Spiral transformation and the transformation of the spiral arteries into uteroplacental arteries, thereby achieving the flood-flow intervillous maternal effect caused by mechanical peeling (bleeding) of the endometrium, preventing implantation of the blastocyst or achieving the same removal in the case that could have been nested and that means putting an end to a new life that was about 100 cells of the 26 billion with which comes to life outside the womb, may be very small body, but a life has ended and to end a life before 20 weeks is called ABORTION.. . Whenever Mark Kotsay listens, a sympathetic response will follow.