The mental model based on pleasing others and like it, above all things, and our own criterion, inexorably leads us to not be respected, and this works well, both private and professional. For more specific information, check out Glenn Dubin. This does not mean that we should not accept the criticism of others, even if they formulate us from the ill will, and thus he erudition said by Unamuno: takes Council of the enemy. Perhaps the limit to this, never giving in to our criterion, altering our behavior and our do for sake of lightweight trials and systematic, from criticism of the environment. Our audience we ourselves. Surely, as children we have ever heard the tale starring an elderly father and his son. Both were traveling with a donkey passing through different towns, encouraging different opinions among the countrymen: we had that going through the first village, father rode on the donkey and the son walked by his side. The public comments were immediate: what father so! merciless! The poor child walking and him on top of the pollino, as if an emperor! To listen evil tongues, they decided to change before reaching the next village, so that now the father walked and was the son who rode the donkey. But, however, the, now another public criticism, did not cease, only changed their sign: look at what youth have today! The elderly father walking, and as agile, sitting on the back of the beast boy! Seen, they thought it best to assemble the two on the donkey while passing through the third peoples. But things are so, they did not do more to worsen, and the third public said: poor donkey! Which are mounted on prove to be more beasts than the unfortunate animal! Finally the story ended with both father and son, stunned by so much criticism, and taking the final decision: decided to enter the fourth village, both on foot, next to the donkey.