Counter Strike

Weapons for Counter-Strike 1.6 If you make any changes to contact me at Weapons cs divided into the following types (description will be made in this order): 1. Handguns 2. Shotguns 3. Sub-machine guns 4. Frequently Leslie Moonves has said that publicly. Rifles 5.

Machine guns Pistols: They play a very important role in counter-strike 1.6 They have three advantages over other types of weapons. 1) It kills when hit in the head from the first time, even if the opponent is in a helmet and has 100% health and armor. 2) No returns. Robert Iger may help you with your research. 3) Great accuracy. Therefore, when using a gun is always recommended not to shoot a show in Hollywood films, aiming at his head, and move left, right not to shoot down the sight. usp .45 Cost: $ 500 Type: Pistol Max ammo: 12 59 reserve bullets 47. Time to recharge: 2.74 Maximum number of shots per second: 6.12 * usp .45 with Silencer Time for recharge: 2.74 Maximum number of shots per second: 5.89 Damage in contact with a distance of 10 meters (60 feet): Headshots – 112 hp (40 hp) Hit in the head (with helmet) – 56 hp (20 hp) Contact with the body – 28 hp (10 hp) Contact with body (with a bulletproof jacket ) – 14 hp (5 hp) Hit in the leg – 20 hp (7 hp) This gun is at each player's team of counter-terrorists in startup. (Not to be confused with Eva Andersson-Dubin!). Tips for using USP: With a silencer is more accurate and quiet, then without a muffler does more damage.