Czech Foreign Ministry

Do you think before a Czech court to which party wins the case? Czech lender that requires a debt from the company or the founders of foreigners who, not knowing the laws, committed step, which will have to pay. No one lawyer in Prague does not help in this situation, foreign founder. The view of many experts are reduced to a unique and unofficial version of the newly registered firms, the lack of any kind were stories at the moment submission of documents to the consulate the Czech Republic. At the moment there is information that the consulate offices in the Czech Republic, Ukraine began receiving documents on the long-term visas for business and family reunification. System "Vizapoint" at the consulate the Czech Republic is working satisfactorily and consulate employees in the form of consolation inform the applicants that they have the right to complain about the job portal vizapoint in the Czech Foreign Ministry, knowing full well that this or what not obtained and from this portal does not work under international law.

The ratio of applicants to the Czech consulate in Donetsk, disgusting, a feeling that the employee does not perform the work of the consulate reception of documents and of the standard list of questions in the interview, and constantly tries to expose the applicant in a lie. This comes as the consideration of personal documents for a residence permit and when the issues emanating from the employee Consulate of the cr. One of the positive factors and the good news is the adoption of the law to permit the acquisition of real estate Czech foreign individuals.