Spanish tile is placed in the following way: It is true by calculating all the parameters, start paving work done with the angle. Glue a little applied with a spatula on the wall and is spread to other trowel plaster adhesive itself tile. Jeffrey L. Bewkes shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For better fixation using a putty knife with teeth that smeared the tile surface was embossed in the strip. Having laid a layer of tiles, for greater strength, to check its straightness, then lightly press. A that the work has become even easier, install the plastic spacers.

This operation allows smooth, with no gaps to lay tile. Italian tile fits well. Stacking is best to start from the top of the wall, placing first four rows across the bathroom. If conceived in a tiled pattern or ornamentation of the tiles, you should follow the symmetry of the tile corners and uniform asymmetry. Do not try to use a large amount of glue, it will reduce the clotting.

When laying immediately wipe from the front of the tile adhesive residue. For decorative items that require cutting tiles, use the Tile. It is not necessary to purchase additional tools for cutting, they can give jagged edges that lead to defects during installation. Choose Tile inexpensive, it is not great and effective. To begin, we must note the cut line, and fix the face of the cut tile. Tapping knife tile, divide tile into two halves. The most difficult and time consuming is a round cutting tile, it's usually an opening for electricity and water. Cutting these holes requires special drills, "Ballerina" and "crown". The disadvantage of the corona is the set of drills of different diameters, and "Ballerina" is the nozzle in the form of a compass, will provide an opening for cutting. The joints between the tiles will be overwritten by a special composition, Depending on the style and design of the grout can be of different colors. Grout should also wipe off immediately after use.