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Free guides: Eastern European support forces: so you make guaranteed a good decision of Mannheim. Increasingly, families rely on nurses from Poland, to provide to elderly relatives at home. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jeffrey Bewkes. But lurking here treacherous pitfalls by suddenly coming in legally dangerous waters. Helps a new Advisor, to recognize such pitfalls and avoid free download it is available under: Advisor. The Chief Advisor to Eastern European support forces: so you make a good decision “Is a service of SENICUR Abdo care” guarantees. The Special Agency for care aid from Poland want to enable anyone interested to assess the various mediation offers in the market and to be able to compare directly. A practical Checklist ensures that doing nothing is overlooked essential. Stiftung Warentest rebukes lax handling of the law”in the field of mediation offers is still much amiss “, says Gunther Jentsch, Deputy Managing Director of SENICUR Abdo care.

After all, also the Stiftung Warentest has care home recruitment agencies in their contribution in the test ‘ recently criticised lax handling of the legal requirements for many care brokers. But even unintentional violations of the law can have serious consequences for the contracting authority. “The guide therefore informed of the different concepts of mediation and illuminated their compliance with applicable law. “In addition it comes, for example, what limitations there are domestic helpers, mediated by the federal employment agency, and what at an employment of self-employed” carers to keep in mind is. “About SENICUR Abdo care the care agency SENICUR Abdo care” with seat in Mannheim was founded end of 2006 with the aim to provide affordable services for the elderly at home.