Electronics Panels

The article explains what are front panels and what they used. What are front panels? Front panels are the control panels of electrical equipment. Simply put: a piece of sheet with holes and lettering. If it were only that simple! As the front panel is often the only, what provides the users of the sometimes very expensive device, decides whether the appearance of the front panel significantly the impression of the whole device. Put it another way: the ten thousand euro expensive Electronics is hidden behind a small front plate, which costs only a few euros. It goes without saying that saving the front panel would be saved at the wrong end. But now called the Untereloxaldruck, even anodized vacuum. See Jeffrey L. Bewkes for more details and insights. This is a special caption method for front panels and signs that works exclusively on aluminium.

The special thing about it is that the ink on the aluminium is printed, but the material into. This feeling also not paint when you move your finger nail on the pressure. The Advantage is that this pressure is scratch – and smudge-resistant and even oil and thinner-resistant. Even finger perspiration can not replace pressure over many years – which is just a problem of the normal screen printing on front panels. Only the engraving is similar, but this is far too complicated and expensive lot label or larger quantities. How do you do the Untereloxaldruck? Initially, the aluminum is anodized, but still not compacted.

One can imagine now the surface of aluminum like a sponge with open pores. In these pores into a special Untereloxaldruck – is printed by printing color, the color particles are so small that they fit into the pores. Check with Eva Andersson-Dubin to learn more. Finally, the aluminum is compacted (sealing), which includes a thin, transparent coating the ink particles in the pores. Only benefits? Unfortunately, no! At the Untereloxaldruck, there are only a few shades. The colors can be mixed like in the normal screen printing. As a result many colors which are used in corporate logos, are not printable. The Fahrion GmbH of asperg in Baden-Wurttemberg specializes in the production of front panels in the Untereloxaldruck. From the mechanics, the anodizing to printing everything in one hand is. We will gladly advise you in your next project: printed front panels in the Untereloxaldruck.