complete pulmonary ventilation, increasing capacity pulmonar.2. Less effort, greater efficiency and increased relaxation muscular.3. Purification: it collaborates with the lymphatic system in the Elimination of toxinas.4. Expands the abdomen making a natural massage at the visceras.5. Reducing stress, management of emotions. Breathing is key in the management of anxiety. Jeff Clarke is likely to agree.

Although breathing is an involuntary act, we can modify it voluntarily, by putting attention and intention. With practice and repetition, as in any other physical activity we can modify it and improve it. An efficient breathing will improve all the functioning of our body and our mind. Normal diaphragmatic breathing learning aims to restore coordination (abdominal) entrediafragma and chest. It checks your breathing.

Lie down face up and placed one hand on your chest and the other in your abdomen, above the navel, and quiet breathing and deeply. You must note that both hands are raised when you inspire and descend when shorted. We will learn to breathe three times: 1 – lie down face up with legs bent and placed a hand on his chest and the other on the abdomen. Breathing out completely and concentrate on inflating your abdomen to inspire and deflate your abdomen to exhale without expanding the chest. Perform this exercise several times a day, counting up to 4 in inspiration and up to 4 in exhaled air and making a pause between each ciclo.2-when you’ve got soft and slowly breathing can begin to coordinate the costal respiracines and diaphragmatic. Lie down and placed a hand on his chest and another on the abdomen inspires slowly and deeply concentrating your attention in the movement of chest and abdomen which must inflate and deflate at the same time. You will notice as your hands come in exhalation and are separated into inspiration. You can increase breathing rate to 8-10 times the inspire both the espirar.3 – once learned the stages 1 and 2, practice the same in sitting position. Breathing will always be a resource to reassure us, concentrate and connect with us. Do not hesitate to consult your physiotherapist will help you to improve your breathing technique. There are different techniques of respiratory physiotherapy to help.