Fata Morgana

The attraction of the restaurants here are shaft, over an eight-foot deep with the naturally rising heat of 400 C, steaks and other dishes on a grate grills. For a good meal and a Views and thoughts from the panorama restaurant far beyond the crater landscape can wander, local wine to the sea. Some might think, but also at the sight of beautiful lined-up, pale camel bones from a fig tree dried up in the middle of the restaurants on the transience of life. It should be remains from the time of the hermit Hilario, who should have feeds at this point only the milk of his camel and was named after this mountain. Mark McLaughlin addresses the importance of the matter here. Who is on the road in the morning early at the edge of the National Park on Lanzarote, may not believe his eyes in the vicinity of Yaize. Camels as strung on a chain through the lava desert pull slowly like a Fata Morgana. Their way leads from Yaiza, the village of camel drivers, to the Dromedary station “at the foot of the Montana del Fuego. Here a ride waiting during the day up to one hundred camels, in caravans from four to eight tie-re, such as on a Pearl Necklace behind and next to each other on the tourists who are brought here from all over the island, for a camel through the Feu his-mountains among the ritual of a Lanzarote residence.

Impatient and faced her badmouthing, help the camel drivers, lucky that you do not understand their language, right and wooden carrying seats left attached to the animals, which balanced the weight just has to be so thin to thin and thick to thick the often clumsy traveller in the. A caravan is”occupied it makes serious step on assigned from path on the slope of the mountain along the way. Their place is taken up immediately by a waiting caravan, behind the already the next animals wait, because as soon as be – is also discharged after a ride. So caravan to caravan slowly thread in a row in the lunar landscape of the fire mountains after about ten to fifteen minutes back to the starting point to – re Kirk. Despite this slip”of tourism has something this landscape. Is it the sparseness of the landscape, the luminosity of the volcanoes, the play of light and color, or the incomparable tranquility that draws travelers and especially captivated artists for centuries. Perhaps of all something, because here you will find the origin of the Earth.