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Carla Elisio Academic Dos Santos of 3 year of the Course of Graduation in Right Summary of the Film ' ' To its Side Always to its side it is always an American film whose sort is a drama that has direction of Lasse Halestrm, estreou in December of 2009, having as cast Joan Allen, Richard Gere, Sarah Roemer, Jason Alexander, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Erik Avari and Davenia Mc Fadden. The production is of Richard Gere, Bill Johson and Vicki Shigekuni Wong, sonorous track of Jan A.P. Kaczmarek. The film is an adaptation of the verdica history lived by a Japanese dog of the akita race, that had the name of hachiko, treating itself in the truth of a drama lived for the animal with the loss of its owner, sends to the spectator the force of a great friendship, that it exceeds until the mysteries of the death. Read more here: David Zaslav. Hach as was called cachorrinho for its owner, was found lost by the same in a train station, after innumerable attempts to find its true owner, Parker personage interpreted for the actor Richard Gere decides to be with cozinho, convincing its wife of whom such attitude would bring joy its house, a time that its son also surrendered to the enchantments of hach. In elapsing of the film the time goes passing to the step that hach and the Parkers create bows of an intense friendship, where cozinho demonstrates to day the day its loyalty stops with its owner. Every day hach folloied Parker until the entrance of the train station, where this went for its work, and when hearing in the end of the afternoon the racket of the train coming back cozinho skirt running to wait its owner in place the same, and was thus during two years followed, where under the sun of summer or the strong snow of the winter hach did not leave to fulfill its paper of faithful friend. .