Free Tarot

Under certain circumstances of daily life, it is always good to have recourse to a circulation of free tarot. Without a doubt, one of the letters is less welcome to the hanging. Knowledge of the profound symbolism of this letter is imposed to prevent unfounded fear. Well let’s look at what can mean when we see it appear on the Chuck. There are very few decks that link more esspecificamente to this mythology.

Odin, the Norse God is represented in it. Being the main divinity, their symbolism occupies a wide range of meanings. For assistance, try visiting Invensis. Odin manages everything related to war and death, but is also the God of wisdom. He is also the father of the Valkyries, the mythical women who gathered the Warriors fallen in combat. The arcane shows Odin hanging from the tree of the world. According to legend, there was a mythological tree on which the nine worlds in which the Scandinavians representing the universe were supported.

This was the tree of the world. in which, on one occasion, Odin He decided to sacrifice hang during nine days of a foot to be able to retain the runes of power. The runes are the gateway to the world of divination, a power that Odin wanted for himself. In order to get runes and become wise, Odin decides to hang also pierced by a spear for nine days as a sacrifice. That was the way how Odin becomes the God of wisdom, only through self immolation. One of the disadvantages more big to comprehend the significance of this arcane is the resistance that people have to perceive the true meaning of the same. He hung us talk of one thing: the personal sacrifice for a purpose. We all know, and thus we teach our children, it is necessary to sacrifice themselves to achieve what one wants. However, when the time comes, not all have the restraint to do so. But the teaching of the hanging is clear. The only way of finding wisdom is through personal sacrifice. Not all sacrifices have the same degree of suffering or punish. When this deck comes out revealed in the free tarot, is necessary to deeply consider about what kind of sacrifice it us is demanding. All the good and positive things in life demand a sacrifice. The best of marriages involves sacrificing personal freedom. Sacrifice requires a balance between what is given and what is received, for which spending is not useless.