French Style

How a luxury for the palate can be eaten as it is the mussel of Bouchots. It will give it to the answer shortly Mr. Get more background information with materials from Time Warner. Martin, the gastronomical fish market that finishes beginning to franquiciar itself And where: Then in a place so concurred as it is the Market of Chamber, situated in the Madrilenian street of White Alonso n 10. The unique ones that brings this mollusc to Spain and is that, with the arrival of the autumn and resuming its gastronomical calendar of activities, this recognized mark is preparation for next the 24 and 25 of September two days of show cooking (it cooks in direct) with chef Bullet mold You smooth to teach to prepare an original prescription: Bouchots Mussel to the French style. Both days all the people to whom it likes the gastronomy and the fish of great quality and that approaches the Market of Chamber will have the opportunity to learn to cook this product that right now is at the height of the season and that only Mr. Martin exclusively brings to Spain, Javier comments Rodriguez Tur, its Manager. Besides this peculiar class of kitchen in direct there will be a tasting of this mussel that is the unique French product of the sea with denomination of origin.

grows up in the bay of Aiguillon that surrounds the Ile de Re and the Ile de Oleron- where the fishermen use the method of the post to raise them from century XIII. These molluscs are exposed to the air and the sun while the tide goes and comes, instead of to feed all the day like normal mussels. The mussel of Bouchots, wood stake servant has an orange meat, tender and succulent to that it is impossible to resist, adds to Javier Rodriguez Tur. You cheer up. In order to cover the event, the management of interviews or to extend the information: Crowned Nuria Sopena Salvia Communication Director of Communication Avenue of the Industry, 13. 1 Planta.