Gas Costs

In the same report it was 2000 dollar gasoline costs one, although the National Council”has not a vehicle. Also, it sets $13,000 for training courses in rural areas”to which never took place. When she refused a leave me on February 28, 2008, so that I could bring my doctoral thesis to a conclusion, the climax was reached for me. Why have you waited so long to make this testimony? Initially, I put on the members of the National Council for freedoms”and waited for its first Congress. But she held the same in Morocco in December 2008.

She excluded me, as she excluded also Dr. Salah Hamzaoui, Ahmed Maaroufi, Faycal Chrad, Nejib Hosni, among others. Recently front line made me the Organization”to a workshop in Cairo on 2-3 December 2009 invited. I said to, but at the last minute Mr Vincent Forest, informed me of the same organization representatives that Sihem Ben Sedrine had spoken out against my invitation. For all these reasons I have decided to no longer mention. It says there was a conflict because a study. What is it true? It is true that she had asked me with a study on the situation of human rights activists, against fee.

But paid it not me, although it has received 29,000 dollars for this study. Follow others, such as california hospital medical center, and add to your knowledge base. It is me beyond, as just then of mismanagement can speak. Pressure exerted on you, so that you mention? “I have a lot of pressure on the part of colleagues and party comrades of the Parti democratique progressiste” felt. I’m resigned from the party and used to work at the newspaper El Mawkef “. Why you don’t have until the meeting of representatives of the front line”been waiting for? I’ve lost confidence in this organization. Sihem Ben Sedrine has contacted its representative Andrea Rocca and distorted my image. Have you received a severance package for your many years of service? No, under the pretext that I quit the service. (Paul Bikah, source: Observateur de Tunisie)