History Of The Oil

History of petroleum oil has been known since ancient times; employed it the Egyptians for embalming; the sacred fire some cultures, was due to the natural combustion of gases yliquidos that came out of the ground. Oil which arose from mode naturaldel soil was used to cure certain skin conditions, to power lamps, primitive type and as a lubricant; but suutilizacion did not constitute a true industry. The rational exploitation of petroleum began in 1854, and since entoncessu importance has been increasing, to the extent that receives the username black gold and constitutes the wealth of those countries that have it (United States, Russia, Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Iraq, Arabia, Romania, Peru, etc.).On September 17, 1835, Colonel Drake in Titusville, Pennsylvania, to do a well to explore a salt deposit, found oil. In 1857 started oil exploitation, achieving Drake a couple of tons daily in a drilling of 20metres. Prior to 1986, there were 2000 wells in Pennsylvania, large-scale industrial exploitation iniciandosesu. Immediately afterwards, seinicio the so-called oil rush, time during which is llevarona out thousands of probes, numerous cases followed by success with the weekend out of the bowels of the Earth. The influence of oil on the global economy, esconsiderable; has in part replaced coal as fuel, and el51% of the energy needed for the industry of our time, laproporciona this natural product; which numerososderivados is obtained by fractional distillation or pyrolysis (procedure quimicopara decompose substances) oil, is not only an indispensable fuel, but tambienfuente of which a considerable number of derivatives that sonindispensables for the industry and even in domestic life (petrochemical) is obtained.Your transportation is via pipelines, wagon-tank, ysobretodo in large vessels.Petrochemical-is the industry that uses oil or gas raw comomaterias to obtain chemicals.