How Are The Images On Wood Albums And Guestbooks Applied

To muster with the theme, motifs on our wood albums and to produce thus baby albums and wedding albums, we dealt only with a customer request. Can you engrave a name into the wood? “that 2006 was the question we should answer.” The tinkerer of our Holzmanufaktur shook his head. “Then we would have to produce properly thick cover, what would make the albums unnecessarily heavy and unwieldy. Also, our albums are several times in our witches solution”appeared and then dried in order to strengthen the structure. The copper rivets and zinc alloy sleeves, the rivets are brought in, would have to be strengthened or an another hinge will be installed. Check out Robert A. Iger for additional information. “, were the answers. An additional hinge attached, did not look easy. The album was unsightly.

All the answers, that the problem to raise a personal dedication by means of milling in the wood album, were unsatisfactory. The Lotex companies deals but somewhere else, somewhere else, with printed motif bags. To put an image on a bag, we knew. Why therefore not print? An idea, a plan, a goal and off we went. The inventor of the wood albums sat down with the foil bag production in connection and inspiration. After two months of intensive test and try it was ready. The solvent printing was the most suitable.

Also a typography “dating back to 1580 attempted and both printing led to the goal. So-called matrices are needed for making our wood albums with motifs on the wooden cover for the manufacturing of which we can get as many prints of our motives. The matrices of our wedding motifs consist of zinc plates. In such a plate, inculcate the points using a very simple machine of Hallmarking is carried out on a very thin parchment. These points are engraved spiked on the back, so that the front panel between them. When will these printed masks (we kept mostly in sepia), printed the parchment, which is Parchment carefully and lightly moistened and applied to the dried wood, which in turn responds and moves the moisture from the paper. A motif on the wood album is upset, the protruding on all four sides of parchment by a specially made bracket to blow it up. This bracket which can be adjusted depending on the size of the image and after pulling up on the wooden cover on the design of the sets, and can be removed later after the drying process. This exudes the motif – through the cracked a four pages – a particular antique touch. After approx. 6 hours drying time is then the applied motif new patina”treated. It is polished, in some places more, painted less in other places. The wood book on all sides still fully treated and tested by quality assurance, nothing in the way is a delivery of your very personal album or book. Press Department Thomas Reichelt Lotex24 / Germany consumer telephone: 03562 / 69 34 30 fax: 03562 / 69 25 69 business-to-business customer: Adecor factory