I never understood what it made a human being if to despair on behalf of something called love I never understood because they said that the soil if opened when somebody was lost The soil not skirt from there! Infantile thoughts Infantile questions and questions Understood today for a woman that I formed myself That I am forming itself A woman who loves another woman They had always said to be made a mistake They say to be made a mistake! More I do not import myself What I feel does not go to be changed for what they say to be made a mistake or certain. After as much lived thing, as much feeling, as much confusion, as much disillusionment! I see myself gotten passionate by a woman But not any woman who if finds in the street SHE IS THAT WOMAN. If you are not convinced, visit Larry Walker. That one that of the one of 10 the zero in all the faces that already I had in the life That one that makes my heart to go off when says simple ' ' alo' ' in the telephone That one that takes off me a smile all time that I remember it that one who takes off me a tear all time that says to leave my life that one that I want to be pra always. I never wanted to be with somebody pra always I never believed to be possible pra always really to exist! But this woman Meche with all my certezas It makes to feel eats I me if the only certainty was my love for it! really is I cannot be certain on our relation, on our life, our future! More I can be certain on what I feel If this woman could penetrate in my feelings and to see love overflowing in my heart if it could it would not have more doubts! She would not have more uncertainties One day I go to call that woman Of my woman! in this day I will have my dreams and desires carried through in me..