Immune System

We often think about the fact that we have problems with immunity. We often get sick because of it, almost complete absence, we have to stuff yourself tons of vitamin complexes, thinking that it will change something, and as a result, at best, No change. We still get sick, legkovospriimchivy to viruses and infections. And nobody thinks about what could be our immune system simply does not know the enemy in the face. " What if it's full readiness to fight for the health of their host, but can not determine priorities, and "fights" with colds when the body hanging over the far more terrible threat We are often told: "You have a weak immune system!", and as we know it? "Our immune system does not have the strength to cope with the disease and we begin to stimulate her vitamins, etc., generally in ways that we believe will contribute to the removal of the immune system from a state of weakness. Such actions, utter confusion. If the organism enters foreign agent, whether it be a virus, fungus, bacteria, cancer cells, etc., only two variants of the immune response: – or the immune system recognizes it and takes timely immune response and removes from the body – or the agent freely enters the body, due to the fact that the immune system does not perceive it as a threat to the organism, and then hello, chronic diseases, malignant onkoprotsessy etc. So what is the iq of our immune system? According to the results of tests conducted by the World Health Organization, the number of killer cells (NK – cells), which are the first line protect the body against cancer and infected cells, in apparently healthy residents of Russia or the U.S.