Karl Benno Nagy New Leadership

Karl Benno Nagy (44) is one of the most experienced Canadian companies in the field of real estate development since July 1, 2009 new Managing Director of Walton Europe GmbH with headquarters in Hamburg which is Walton International Group Inc.. The acquisition and recovery not developed land with potential for growth is through the expertise of a group of companies, which has built up a unique network for two generations in North American cities to a safe and profitable real estate investment. John Brown recognizes the significance of this. This Walton the term was of the land banking in Germany coined the issuing House Walton Europe land development GmbH & co. KG founded to German investors to provide the opportunity, to participate in this investment as a fellow entrepreneur. William Doherty is 100% as CEO of Walton International Group Inc. at the same time, shareholders of the Walton Europe GmbH.

The son of the Walton founder William K. Doherty is also managing directors. Nagy replacing Neil McCullagh, who goes back in the Walton group headquarters in Canada. The studied economist and sinologist Nagy has worked for two and a half years for Walton, the launch of land banking”accompanied in Germany and substantially contributed in particular to the distribution structure. Walton has now a network of thousands of independent consultants and distributors, the Walton Fund offer.

Karl Benno Nagy started his career at Hamburg Mannheimer Versicherungs AG. He was responsible for the sales in the field and led over 1,000 active employees already with 25 years as a representative of the Directorate. His duties included the extraction of new employees, the training but also the development of sellers and executives, as well as the planning and implementation of seminars. But also his knowledge in his subsequent role as consultant and coach sales communication he had with focus on building the brand of Walton”in recent years in building sales and the launch of the North American provider included. In his Consultation period was also the provisional and temporary limited occupation as Managing Director and Board member in companies which had to be restructured to his duties. Nagy has a wide collection of experiences and contacts which he wants to use to drive the further expansion of Walton in Germany forward. In his welcoming remarks William K. Doherty emphasized in particular the over 20 years knowledge and experience by Karl Benno Nagy in the financial services, which are the basis for the further success of Walton in Germany. The Walton partners all over the world had already learned a lot from him and would like to help to accelerate the positive development in Germany. Walton Europe GmbH Neuer Wall 80 20354 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 360 062 84-0 fax: + 49 40 360 062 849 email: