Learned Thing

that age I did not define life history, that agent grows and learns with our idiotic errors, that to move of thought already my routine turned, that to feel homesickness of the infancy of the simple fact to smile and to cry, to fight and to cry out is normal. I learned that tricks can go far excessively, that passions go and come back that parents are not perfect, that brothers annoy in them because they love in them that to be a Delayed Idiot or it is the way most easy to be happy. n Chemical Company. I learned that the life of the returns that we do not imagine that ace times exactly wanting we do not magoamos who more loves in them, that to cry it is the way to place pra it are the sadness of the heart. I learned that all passion has a music, that to dream waked up nor always is the best thing, that to have judgment is not to be certinho, that if it does not have to trust all that surround in them that friends are the best thing that God gave to me. I learned that I go to learn very with the life, that has many things to be discovered, that I must run behind my happiness, and that I never go to please to all..