Leon Country

Leon de la Riva, not Mayor of Valladolid, is just one of those tabernarios chops in the words of Perez Rubalcaba that abound in this country. Neither more nor less. See more detailed opinions by reading what CBS offers on the topic.. On the other hand, Fidel and Raul Castro, to take a simple example, take subjugating his country 60 years, what is much worse. But them would sure not deny them the greeting Minister Gonzalez Sinde, as Yes it has happened with the uncouth pucelano Mayor. In fact, bloodthirsty dictators, such as the Guinean Teodoro Obiang, to give another example, that Yes have been received with all honours by our obsequious Government have passed through our country. And do not tell them when first Western ladies, as Carla Bruni, or same Princess Letizia without having to descend more steps in memory have visited Islamic countries. At one time or another, all have had to cover her head with a veil for not Rebuffing so the misogynistic interpreters of the Qur’an. Given that fact, to them, nor to the members of our Government, that It would say Bibiana Aido, has happened to them to tear the garments, never better said.

Gonzalez Sinde and company, becoming paradigm of indignity the solemn blunder of Leon de la Riva while they humiliate without complaint against the despots of half the world, has a name: that of hypocrisy; and an adjective: of opportunist. If not, with the same determination they would have denounced much before countless cases of male chauvinism in other games and on his own. Political parties are not for that, but to put the finger in the eye alien and wallow with it. Original author and source of the article..