Management Control

Management control from the cloud with advanced mobile services and continuous support of Windows phone 8, Apple iOS and Android, 11 December 2013 simply monitor objects and control no matter whether in the building, logistics or industrial 4.0 environment. The proven platform sphinx open online provides decision-relevant information at a glance from the (private) cloud. The new release 3.0 of the management control system of in integrated information systems GmbH ( is available from February 2014 and designed for mobility, efficiency and sustainability. Robert Iger has many thoughts on the issue. In the new version supports sphinx iOS and Android open online via a central service-new devices with Windows phone 8, Apple, and thus occupies a leading role in the market. Sphinx open online represents graphically and in real time information at a glance for monitoring and control tasks. Perhaps check out Coen Brothers for more information. The platform allows for the flexible and efficient deployment, as well as a mobile and secure access to existing data from buildings, production, technical systems, energy supply, KPIs, and other sources. On this basis, total situations can be promptly capture and derive decisions.

Sphinx open online goes mobile with the new release 3.0 of sphinx open online mobile users keeps relevant information in the picture”. User groups will be actively informed by email and mobile app push messages about exceptional situations such as alarms. These notifications can be received, without requiring the application to be open. In addition the mobile client now also for Windows phone 8 available (6 +) and Android (4 +), iOS. Mobile apps can be rolled out without programming via app stores and content ad-hoc change.

Additional functionality such as pre-made scenarios and sample applications as well as the integration of photos and documents for verification purposes and the additional support of MODBUS/TCP-based sensors and actuators for more innovations. In addition, the ease of touch devices was further enhanced. On top of strong platform Large number of possibilities arise online with our new release of sphinx open cloud platform.