Marx Man

Finally, he is praxis Marxist the one that directed to Jean Gagnepain to the theory of the built-in rationality. To put it another way, this idea of praxis, lent Marx lead, it to question the reality of the explanatory principle that is the reason, not to the outside of the man, but within the man. And of the man is the same difference between sciences this and sciences this of the nature. The two leave the same rationality, but it thinks that, in the nature, there is no reason: the one is the man locates that it to be able to explain it; in the man, on the contrary, there is reason, it is even one of the characteristics of object (the man) to study scientifically. Although sciences this of the man cannot nothing else be that sciences to the squared one (in the mathematical sense of the expression), because the rationality is, simultaneously, in the students the object who study. In the same way, we are forced to render accounts about the incorporation of the rationality in the object same (the man) that we try to approach scientifically.

Between that they preceded to Jean Gagnepain, the unique one was Marx who truly insisted on this reality, Marx by that, as they know already it, history was not the fact of the professional historian (of the historian of France, the Art, him Literature, etc.), but of the historian that we are all. What had seen at heart Marx? A theory of the man, and as the man were defined, in him, by history, was necessary to also deal with it a way more the possible scientist, elaborating an historical materialism. Only there, in the same way that the semiologa and the semiotics, played bad a past one to him Saussure and to ridicule to the estructuralismo (included the one of Lvi-Strauss) that became a new idealismo, also Engels and Feuerbach played the same bad past one the materialism historical of Marx throwing to him, as much as they could, near which soon they called the generalized materialism, that is to say, dialectic materialism (the same that Marx, old and tired, finished leaving), and that he was worth for all the evolution of the cosmos! To put it another way, dialectic materialism, doing of dialectic a process and the culture (that is to say by the man), and the nature, we arrived at the integral materialism.