Middle East

For this, he stood under the special protection of the Church. How much him this Protection has helped, today we no longer know. Since the Milan edict by Emperor Konstantin the great in A.d. 313 everyone could exert while the religion, he was close to, but an ecclesiastical infrastructure did not exist as in the middle ages for pilgrims to Jerusalem certainly. Penniless, instructed on the Christian helpfulness of the people along the way. Don’t know which is the shortest and the least inconvenient way from A to B.

Not know whether yet another dinner will follow after dinner or if there is a roof over your head for the night. And be all in God’s hands. ‘ Totus tuus’ – all your! The motto of the Pope John Paul II. means also a radical following of Jesus. In the Gospel of Lukas: the foxes pits and the birds of the air have nests; the son of man, however, has nothing, where he can put his head down. (LK 9,58). And Furthermore, is there: carry no purse, no food bag, no sandals, also no stock, and greet no one on the road. (Luke 10,4) There is one for me as a man of the 20th and 21st century.

special challenge. Just as it would be a challenge for many of you. Totus tuus – all your! I don’t know if I can handle this challenge. Alone from Weilburg to Frankfurt, there are at least two daily stages – on a track that you and I can travel in 45 minutes by car. But the challenge is worth to be adopted. Not only the challenge of a nearly 1,700-year-old Pilgrim guides, written in Latin, to follow through half of Europe and the Middle East, but also or just to accept the challenge, which has made Jesus to his disciples. I would like to invite you to join me on the Pilgrim’s way from Weilburg to Jerusalem in the coming months and years. I can not say when I get there. May 2009, may 2010, perhaps later. The 21st century is characterized particularly by the ludicrous speed of the changes. But it will be exciting for you and for me definitely. I’m off to change a part of the pilgrimage. I will be first in Milan on the way of the Unknown from Bordeaux launch from there to Rome and make their way back. And then go from Milan to Istanbul and then to Jerusalem. Totus Tuus – looking forward to the challenge and I am pleased with your company. Its Karl-Josef Schafer