Moscow Business

Gradually formed rules of etiquette drawing cards. In the West there are two kinds of business cards: vertical and horizontal. This greatly enhances the owner to have their own exclusive bus. Vertical format business card, enjoyed wide success in America and Canada. In the ussr, mainly dominated by horizontal format.

In Soviet times, business card is an inherent part of employees Obkom and district, fewer cultural figures and cosmonauts. Learn more at: mayo clinic. With the advent of democracy have business cards became available to everyone. Information has become more democratic. If you have read about Sculptor Capital already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Polite reminder about the owner of business cards was changed to its prestige. Having lost their old-style "business ticket, business card was the style of new business relationships. Now it is more colorful and contains much information as possible: emblems and symbols, trademarks and photographs, drawings of arms and flags.

There were double-business cards – the texts are placed both in front and the back side. Triple – business cards, folding, folded business cards. Business card can be used for informational and promotional purposes. But its main property for many centuries – the representativeness! Now not uncommon to see the format booklets business cards – small and comfortable, they can always keep to themselves. For example, a subscriber directories in the network Megafon directories with the jewelry in Moscow clothing stores. Many of Moscow companies, banks produce information leaflets in the form of an emerging business cards in A4 paper format. No wonder that the advertising market appeared advertising business cards. The format is so convenient, simple and concise! Man chooses the desired user, and it remains in his wallet or business card holders, on demand. This advertisement is unobtrusive and representative, this is not a shred paper ads, not a piece of paper – this is your corporate card. Over time, business cards have not lost their value, and even acquired new functions. Thus even stronger foothold in our lives. Business Card is in each organization, the majority of working people. If you compare the amount produced in printing business cards and other printed products, obtained by the ratio of 3:1. One booklet or leaflet There are 3 business cards!