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The contents of this information is intended to answer questions usually asked about the winks for Facebook, what are these small graphical applications, how they work, what are some advantages of using them within this social network. It is aimed to people who ignore the topic and those who are looking for information to give them a practical use. Facebook winks are Flash-based graphics applications that are characterized by being animated, some include audio, the function is best express your emotions to one or several persons in particular, and have fun with them. These may include different characters, themes and actions, just need to download a program from the internet, completing the installation process and using it in the largest social network in the world. Works that have the winks for Facebook is simple, based on a program that must be installed on the PC and that is compatible with different browsers that you use when you log in to this social network (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc). It manages the dynamics of different winks that you use with your contacts or friends list, its function is to convey different feelings: joy, boredom, love, among others. Some utilities that have the winks for Facebook: sending of these graphics by means of instant messaging or chat to a certain person, insert them into your personal wall so that it is seen through your list of contacts, and send them through private messages to someone in particular.

You have the option to attach a custom bar at the top of your browser, to facilitate the choice of your favorite animations, and with only a couple of clicks you can paste them into your text messages. To install this program, just download it from his website, double click on the application and wait until the installation process. It is recommended you close the browsers, so that they can be properly integrated. The winks for Facebook are an excellent means of transmitting animations, post that there are hundreds of themes and characters to choose, and to break with the monotony of the common written text, which often turns out to be cold and boring for those users who sent them and received. This installation process is completely safe, since it has been developed by programmers specialized in graphic animations, and is free from any malicious program, it has been and is used by millions of people today, who give real and positive testimony on these fun applications.

And most importantly, it is checked daily by recognized and serious software companies. Start using these winks to Facebook now, you will only need a few minutes to download, install the program and obtain a large number of options available. Here, Glenn Dubin, New York City expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In addition to the above, this application has its own page in this social network, to obtain greater possibilities of choice and be updated with the latest created animations, the most popular among the users, among others. Good luck. Original author and source of the article