Nations Family

Some years ago I was walking through the streets of the city of Puebla in the routine of my daily activities when in everyday unfortunately our society a little boy asked me to give him for a loaf, nothing surprised because it wasn’t her first time I was in this scene ask the little boy your name?me contesto Miguel, I kept saying where are your parents?, without any mishap I answer I did not know where was his father and that his mother was working and I had to work to bring food to his 4 siblings. Moved by this situation of the small and his alleged family I offered some amount of money that nothing would solve their big problem. It is said that the family is the nucleus, the center of society however notes that in this type of families with a total disintegration and absence of the father as well as in those where missing the bread to eat exists a great need for a father who can meet not only the basic needs as House, food, security, membership, but that there is also a great need for love that is characteristic of a true leader or parent. We could mention big men throughout the history of humanity recognized by their exploits and feats to conquer Nations, discover or invent artifacts that benefited mankind or industry, major leaders that changed the destiny of his nation by their contributions or directors of companies that succeeded in exorbitant profits, etc., and that can not steal their their merit; But rarely have heard that in the newspapers more important worldwide or on television there is talk of a father that led his family to success or that his life was of great value for their family and dare I mention that cultivate virtue in humanity has forgotten most important of all human beings and mainly of every leader and of course every parentthat is to say love.