Natural Wall

In addition, PVC-coated plates of mdf can be performed under the natural wood, marble, etc. A special kind of wall panels are so-called "acoustic panels, made of fibrous materials (eg, mineral or glass staple fiber). You may wish to learn more. If so, Jeff Bewkes is the place to go. They are indispensable for the device soundproofed rooms, such as meeting rooms, libraries, etc. For facing the dressing rooms and offices, such as kitchens and chill-outs, it is convenient to use panels of rigid pvc or vinyl siding. They are very durable, non-inflammable and moisture resistant.

The panels are waterproof, even in the joints, and very easily cleaned and disinfected. Installation of wall panels is extremely technologically, does not require much time and high skills. The easiest option is to mount a bearing wall with glue (liquid nails). But civilized approach involves mounting panels klyammerami (mounting brackets) to crate (wooden or metal profile). This method allows the fixture to the wall perfectly smooth. Essentially rebukes mounting wall panels of the presence of special ridges and grooves (the system "Lock-latch") to significantly reduce the time and achieve a surface with no visible gaps. According to specialists, thanks to such technologies for a working day can be mounted more than 100 m2 wall panels.

A new dimension to even the most perfect form of floors, ceilings and walls does not mean the triumphant end of repair and rehabilitation of office. Space formed by these vertical and horizontal planes for a comfortable employee must still correctly structured. Should divide work areas, classrooms and meeting rooms leadership, finally, places for recreation – in short, to optimize not ideal accommodation for specific tasks.