Olio Milk

Now the Court must decide. “Until then applies: only where Parmigiano” says, he must be also in there. Surimi Beware when buying crab meat or tii shrimp: Surimi is it? Then it’s a fake: cheap fish meat with flavors and additives is mixed and pressed into the desired shape, about crayfish tails or lobster claw. This is cheaper than the genuine shellfish. And tastes not bad.

What seduced to do this to sell Surimi without marking at the price of the original. Alpine milk concluded Greenpeace in a study, that bear brand milk and Alpine milk of the dairy Weihenstephan created with much more corn and feed, as that is actually common in milk from the Alps or the Allgau”. Cows of the dairy Weihenstephan are up to 100 kilometers north of the Alps. Fruit tea sounds like a great tassenfertigen mix. Is it also namely flavoured granules, which dissolves in hot water. So no fruit despite tasty fruit-look on the package.

Light, diet, low-fat who it to the Weight loss is, who should know: products with these designations are not automatically slimming diet. Some, including the fat is replaced with carbohydrates. Such foods have a relatively high energy density then, deliver so many calories per 100 grams, and do still worse fed, as the University of Melbourne researchers found. “Extra olive oil” extra “quality means. “Is not always the case, as the magazine of Der Feinschmecker” noted: some discounters offer under the label Hitzebehandeltes olive oil, it just not more extra “should mean. “On the origin cannot be relied upon is: Olio d’ Oliva, extra virgin” stands up many Olen sounds like Italian origin. However, the fruit must come from all over the Mediterranean. Pay attention to the label!” What do just the numbers, codes and label on foods? The 80 brochure of the aid provides for transparency”, a club supported by the consumer protection Ministry. It costs 3.50 Euro plus. 3 Euro shipping. “To order the aid distribution DVG, Birch Maar 8, 53340 Meckenheim shopping trap supermarket self defense for consumers” informs the brochure of the consumer advice centre in Hamburg over the 100 most gimmicks. So there are answers to questions such as: why is missing the back shop in almost any supermarket, where lurking cheating, and why is fruit and vegetable counter at the entrance? To order for 7.40 euros (incl. EUR 2.50 shipping) at the consumer center Hamburg, Kirchenallee 22 20099 Hamburg; or see