One Wound

Mostly we deal there probably not particularly nice with us, and if we do that, we have to discipline us or remind us that this would be most appropriate. I mean which natural, self-evident handling, not being familiar with this Yes obvious need among our everyday manners. It has selbstverstandlich also his backgrounds. There is the moral, economic pressure of from society, that we define ourselves in some connection only through performance, a or we succumb the fallacy that having no time, that us so apparently for our process of recovery any time Raum becomes available, because we otherwise not addressed performance demands of us “meet, and both in professional and familial role, not as commonly defined our social position,” desired fully fill out. On the other hand is also our ability to cultivate loving handling or at all the bereitschaft love as such to learn, so the fact that we sometimes even so unloving procedure in dealing with our pain, wounds and feelings, long not arrived their highest point of development, yes actually not too surprising. Now it turns easy question, if we the akzeptieren State, how can we for our well being care bear and successfully influence? Accept the condition, so admit of not just loving dealing with ourselves, most importantly as mentioned once.

As a result then, that we the insight course admit that here but just loving the essential here, is the principle of life-givers, healing. One Wound has your permission, has its authorization a pain and a feeling has its permission, and all need their space, their time of attention, need their own care on their terms”. If we, as things have to be, try our idea right there to impose, where straight from the pages of the wound, of feeling or pain maybe something would appear to us, we will probably deny the potential of maximum growth for this moment and thus Miss. Because every feeling and also the pain and the wound which we carry in us and with us, is a special kind of communication and a special form of information transfer. So, it’s information processing, their digestive and last but not least is our heart, which tells us a spiritual story.

Or in other words, it is the voice of our divine nature, which leads us to the knowledge of the self and this points us to the corresponding direction. You understand so, how important it is to hear the whole story in its full length, even if it is slightly longer. And how important it is to give you all the space she needed for their development, to ensure that none of the valuable and precious goods of the story remains hidden. “To even have mentioned the most important thing: is not the loving service, the attention and love that we give our wounds, pain and feelings, also the love, care and attention which we pay ourselves?”