Operator Centers

To eliminate this factor in company regime was introduced to the individual standards for each operator on an average call duration, depending on the income from sales conducted by the operator call center – the higher the income, the more long conversations he was allowed. Operators themselves felt a new scheme for a more honest, and the company's profits from sales through the call center has increased by 50%. Deal with staff turnover in most call centers is extremely high turnover. Robert Iger brings even more insight to the discussion. It is considered that this inevitable. But if you take even a drop in the average number of employees 33% of call centers each year, then, given the fact that the cost of finding and training a new employee is about $ 15 000, even in a small call center with a staff of 200 person annual losses from employee turnover will amount to a million dollars. In addition, if the turnover to take control, in addition to the lack of direct losses, the firm will receive direct and indirect income from what the operators call the center will gain experience. Managers are usually blamed for the high turnover on low wages – and not without reason. But they should be able to restrain themselves by creating a flow of good operators working conditions and providing them with real career opportunities.

Quickly it is not possible, you want to work simultaneously on many fronts – it recruitment, and training and motivational programs, and providing opportunities for growth and operations planning, and choice for call center. However, when applying for a job you can follow some strict rules: conduct interviews with leading coaches, recruit operators in a call center with recommendations (they have a percentage of turnover is much lower) and to take people back to work only after approval by the director of call center. Due to the fact that the ratio of call centers has changed little since then, when they considered only the inevitable an expense that must be cut back as much as possible, call centers are now the most used element of unreasonable corporate structure. However, higher-level organization of companies have already realized the entire strategic value of the call center..