In a beautiful and tranquil full moon night, a man was walking along the beach, while thoughtful cabilaba: if I had a new car, would be happy. If I had a big house, you would be happy. If I had a better job, it would be happy. If I were the perfect couple, it would be happy, suddenly he tripped over a bag full of stones. For more specific information, check out Time Warner . He took her carelessly and while walking began throwing small stones one by one into the sea everytime he said: it would be happy if I had and he threw would a be happy if he had and he threw another continued walking and throwing stones into the sea until it was just one on the ball, decided to keep it in your pocket. Arriving at home he noticed that Pebble, was actually a valuable diamond, not least could be deplored by all diamonds that he threw into the sea without stopping to think! This story reminds us that many people shed much of its precious treasures before you even ask how much are worth all the gifts and gifts that every day receives, by considering them little valuable while they are hoping and dreaming with the possession or the perfect realization. Andan pining for what they don’t have, without giving value to what is very close to them.

What is important is not what you don’t have, just what need you. Many things that you don’t ever make you lack. If you look to your around, stopping you to observe, percibiras how lucky you are. Very close to each other it is usually enough to be happy, if you look carefully you will notice it. Each of our days should be considered a diamond precious, valuable and irreplaceable. It is your decision take advantage of it or throw it to the sea, if you dismiss it, maybe you can never retrieve it. Have you ever have wondered how you are taking advantage of your diamonds? Opportunities, family, friends, work, and even your dreams follow us on original author and source of the article.