African Republic Center

Still in full century XXI, many continue ignorant on transcendentais subjects as the use of the Africa word or African. According to Vizentini (1998), the knowledge of the African reality, and more particularly of the history of Africa constitutes a serious and unacceptable gap in education y in the Brazilian society, considering itself that a great segment of the Brazilian population is of African origin. It seems until schizophrenia or paranoia to listen to, to see or to read in the medias (more specialized them) expressions as: pantry of the world of Africa, the president of Africa, the Africans, in the African forests etc. Will be that they find that Africa is a country? As Rolim (2007) has certain trend if to speak of the Africa aggregate as if it was a unit, an only country and not a continent. However the paranico degree of the case, is not that the people who ironizam with this subject are low-level cultural, but yes intellectual, university scientists, professors, pupils and not as? Thus being, because they do not dirigem themselves to the others as Asian, European or American, as they mention themselves to the Africans? Leaving of a logical reasoning, the article makes the following question: it will be that it is same ignorance, unfamiliarity or another thing? It will be that they do not know the names of the African countries, the citizenship or the nationalities of the countries> flours of bag. One gives credit that in full century XXI, all already would have to know that Africa is a continent as Europe, America, Asia and Oceania or Australia. In the same way that America this divided in North America, South America, central America and the Caribbean, the Europe in central Europe, Europe Occidental person, Europe of the East etc. for only placing an example. For the knowledge of that still they are unaware of or if they make of ignorants, Africa is not a country, but yes a continent, that also this divided in Africa Occidental person or of West with Benin, Burkina Fasso, Handle-Green, Coast of Ivory, Gmbia, Hunger, Guin-Conacri, Guin-Bissau, Libria, Mali, Mauritnia, Nger, Nigria, Senegal, Mountain range Leoa and Togo; Central Africa with Burundi, Shrimps, Chade, the Congo, Gabon, Guin-Equatorial, African Republic Center, Democratic Republic of the Congo,> cats Thus being, it has the only objective of wanting to demonstrate that the African athletes cannot grow or have a physicist as the others.

Surrogacy in CHina and the US

With a population over one billion, it is easy to see why China might not encourage the controversial practice of surrogacy in their country. However even in the relatively liberal United States, there are only eight states in the country in which there are full legal rights to surrogacy.

Oakbrook Fertility Solutions is located in Oakbrook, Illinois. As one of only eight states in the US that provides full surrogacy benefits from a legal standpoint, OBFS is able to offer worldwide egg donation and surrogacy including to people from China.

OBFS is a subsidiary of the Yulane Group, which has Chinese nationwide agencies. They have one of the largest Chinese egg donor pools, consisting of more than 500 donor selections throughout the world.

In China itself it is possible to find an agency that will assist a childless couple find an egg donor, surrogate mother, or both. In China surrogates are paid between $12,000 and $40,000, and are classified into different groups according to their appearance, level of education and other criteria. Since there are no laws protecting the rights of the surrogate mothers, agreements are signed between the agencies and the mothers, but they have no legal effect. Surrogates are taking a large risk legally in case something should go not as planned.