Perennial Flowers At The Cottage

Perennial flowers – the perfect choice for the garden, because rather plant them once and they will bloom for several years. As a rule, they germinate in the spring and summer bloom and bloom all summer. They are unpretentious and have a great variety of shapes and colors to suit every taste. Perennials decorate any flower bed or garden composition. Here are a few types of perennials that you can decorate your garden: 1. Brugmansia. This plant is more popularly known as "Angel tube.

The plant is native to the south for the winter so it is moved from the open ground in a warm room. In fact Brugmansia – tree-shrub, which belongs to the family Solanaceae. Its height reaches five meters. It flowers profusely and magnificently huge flowers in the form of pipes, bells. Can be of different colors – yellow-green, yellow, peach, orange, red, cream 2. . It is a plant of small size fits perfectly in any flower bed, the group landed ridges.

Very beautiful planted on the background of shrubberies. The flowers he has a pretty simple, small, double. Colours – yellow, orange, red and yellow okaemkoy. Undemanding plant, does not require copious irrigation, drought-resistant. 3. Dahlia. Sometimes different species, the height of his shrubs can reach two meters. It has lush blossoms, consisting of several flowers. Dahlia has a large number color variations, sometimes as monochrome and polychrome. 4. Delphinium years. This is a very showy plant of the original form, profusely flowering. Unpretentious, resistance to both frost and drought. Very good delphiniums planted in the middle of the flower bed, as well as a decorative fence.