Persecuted Christian Minority In Egypt

Human rights organizations on new human rights abuses and white. Egypt, many people think of this word before all pyramids, camels and holiday. There are 5 but also about 8 million Coptic Christians in Egypt. It is the Christian population in Egypt. Connect with other leaders such as EXL Service here. Since the 7th century under the rule of Islam, there are head control, destruction of churches for the Egyptian Christians and stigmatizing Kleidervorschriften.Die Coptic language was banned.And still today, the Coptic Christian minority is suppressed.

She strongly are suffering poverty, as it is often excluded due to their faith by other aid projects of the State. Therefore, CSI supports in the District of Beni Souef the holistic development of villages, which are mostly inhabited by Coptic Christians. Goal is to improve the living conditions for children and families. With your donation to help these people. to this end, we have established an attention under. Here the interested parties about which can be Project inform and donate directly online. Together for freedom.