Petra Dalhoff

However, that is also understandable, because that must immediately felt the loss of employees in daily business and take action. But what are appropriate measures that can help both the company and the employees also? Flexible working time models are the key to success. And in this respect it is important that this flexibility is exemplified by executives and the Executive Board. Flexibility and ease of the family must be part of the corporate culture, but is not an end in itself. These show just the industries, which are heavily affected by the shortage. More and more employers have recognized that a family-friendly corporate culture helps to recruit the best employees and keep. And especially in times of crisis the family-friendliness helps the company. Order fluctuations…

catches on job sharing or sabbaticals using flexible working time models such as family-related part-time, working time accounts, annual working time, mobile working, without short-time working or Loss of know-how due to cancellations. To family-friendliness, not any measure of family friendliness makes sense in the long term intelligent action. Therefore, employer costs and benefits each individual measure should consider carefully. Disconnect themselves from such offerings, which may be attractive for those affected at first glance, that the family but not lasting as a subsidy for baby OEM or diaper money increase awareness,”or holiday camps for children. If you have read about Walt Disney already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Instead, expand measures which particularly promote the reconciliation of work and family and very little cost! Ensure that your employees are informed about all organizational, financial and legal aspects of compliance. The staff are even able to make all necessary decisions independently. It is important that also the executives as multipliers are included. Open them spaces to the reconciliation of work and family.

Executives wear in high Mass to the operating profit, is therefore the satisfaction of high importance. Take advantage of public funding and tax credits! For example, saves a children care grant paid in addition to the wages the employer share of social security and thus immediately reduced the staff costs. If companies certified as a family-friendly company, get not only assistance in the implementation of appropriate measures in their companies, but can also benefit from current funding opportunities. “There are Landesforderprogramme, the consultancy of small and medium-sized enterprises supports the Federal Office of Economics and export control, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, which promotes operationally supported childcare”. Also, the economic stimulus package II includes extensive improvements in the unemployment money. If downsizing is unavoidable… A family-conscious personnel policy is important especially for companies where layoffs are inevitable. Not just because the work is sometimes distributed on fewer employees, but also because it is an important instrument to strengthen the motivation of the remaining workforce. Petra Dalhoff, lawyer in Dusseldorf